Gnomon strives to place graduates into their dream jobs right out of school. Our 2016 placement rate of 96%* means that Gnomon consistently supplies Hollywood’s studios with the talent they need. With training from industry professionals versed in the demands of current production pipelines, Gnomon graduates are prime candidates after graduation. Gnomon is proud to have successful alumni working all over the world.

96%Placement Rate for 2016

*Percentage reflects the average placement rate of Gnomon’s vocational programs in accordance with national accreditation standards of the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC). Visit our Consumer Disclosures for more information.

Thumb 1430930971 alberto abrilThumb 1461610072 zootopia2

Alberto Abril

Animator, Walt Disney Animation Studios
Thumb 1428927968 ebrahim abs jahromi headshotThumb 1470769426 ebrahim abs jahromi image

Ebrahim Abs Jahromi

Doctor Strange
Lead Creature Technical Director, ILM
Thumb 1428927992 melissa altobello headshotThumb 1461609989 uncharted4

Melissa Altobello

Uncharted 4
Texture Artist, Naughty Dog
Thumb 1430931095 eric araujoThumb 1428927969 eric araujo image

Eric Araujo

Effects Artist, Walt Disney Animation Studios
Thumb 1480623523 michael atnielThumb 1480533752 simpsons

Mike Atniel

The Simpsons
Character Animator, Fox Animation Studios
Thumb 1461607225 omar aweidahThumb 1461607225 starcitizen

Omar Aweidah

Star Citizen
Character Artist, Cloud Imperium Games
Thumb 1428927988 lisa bacareza headshotThumb 1429664403 lisa bacareza image

Lisa Bacareza

Resistance 3
Lighting Artist
Thumb 1429154143 nova baghdasarian headshotThumb 1429154143 nova baghdasarian image

Nova Baghdasarian

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
FX Artist, Sledgehammer Games
Thumb 1428927998 nuttavut baiphowongse headshotThumb 1461610453 independenceday

Nuttavut Baiphowongse

Independence Day: Resurgence
Concept Artist, Aaron Sims Company
Thumb 1428927952 adam bender headshotThumb 1428927952 adam bender image

Adam Bender

Gears of War
FX Artist, Black Tusk Games
Thumb 1428927956 andres berkstein headshotThumb 1428927957 andres berkstein image

Andres Berkstein

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Lead Technical Director, Shade VFX
Thumb 1428928009 tranel bland headshotThumb 1429666010 falling skies

Tranel Bland

Falling Skies
Motion Capture Lead, Motion Analysis Studios
Thumb 1430931077 dustin blattnerThumb 1428927967 dustin blattner image

Dustin Blattner

God of War: Ascension
3D Modeler, Sony Entertainment
Thumb 1428927970 florin boieriu headshotThumb 1461610803 bvs

Florin Boieriu

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice
senior compositor, Weta
Thumb 1428927996 nathan boyd headshotThumb 1429810354 nathan boyd image

Nathan Boyd

World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor
Senior Surfacing Artist, Blizzard Entertainment
Thumb 1428927993 michael cicciamani headshotThumb 1428927993 michael cicciamani image

Michael Cacciamani

The Book of Life
Lighting & Compositing Artist, Reel FX
Thumb 1429825458 alumni ryan calloway headshotThumb 1429825413 star wars

Ryan Calloway

Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens
Senior Modeler & Texture Painter, ILM
Thumb 1428927955 alex cancado headshot headshotThumb 1428927955 alex cancado image

Alex Cancado

Gaurdians of the Galaxy
2D Supervisor, Luma Pictures
Thumb 1431992280 shoghi castel de oro headshotThumb 1461614149 civilwar

Shoghi Castel de Oro

Captain America: Civil War
Senior Artist/Animator, The Third Floor
Thumb 1428927989 luis cayo headshotThumb 1461614629 gameofthrones

Luis Cayo

Game of Thrones
Visual Effects, Entity
Thumb 1428928003 sara cembalisty headshotThumb 1429726023 sara cembalisty image

Sara Cembalisty

Big Hero 6
Look Development Artist, Walt Disney Animation Studios
Thumb 1430931015 brandon chaThumb 1461615203 evilwithin

Brandon Cha

The Evil Within
Lighting Artist / Lead Artist, The Workshop Entertainment
Thumb 1428928002 sanjay chand headshotThumb 1428928002 sanjay chand image

Sanjay Chand

Halo Reach
Lighting Artist, Bungie
Thumb 1430931419 matthew chelstromThumb 1428927991 matthew celstrom image

Matthew Chelstrom

G.I Joe: Retaliation
Previsualization Animator, Persistence of Vision
Thumb 1461604973 jean choiThumb 1461614911 civilwar2

Jean Choi

Captain America: Civil War
Lighting TD, Method Studios
Thumb 1461622688 davidchowThumb 1461622688 twd

David Chow

The Walking Dead
FX TD, Rhythm & Hues
Thumb 1428927953 aggie christakis headshotThumb 1429725423 aggie christakis image

Aggie Christakis

The Order: 1886
Cinematic Animator, SCEA
Thumb 1470681879 sonychristoph headshotThumb 1470681880 sonja christoph

Sonja Christoph

Doctor Strange
Generalist, ILM
Thumb 1428928010 wei chuan hsu headshotThumb 1428928010 wei chuan hsu image

Wei Chuan Hsu

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (TV)
3D Animator, CGCG
Thumb 1428927993 michael colburn headshotThumb 1428927993 michael colburn image

Michael Colburn

Compositor, Stereo D
Thumb 1430931335 leslie conoverThumb 1428927986 leslie conover image

Leslie Conover

The Vampire Diaries
Model/Texture Artist, Entity FX
Thumb 1428927970 francesco corvino headshotThumb 1461617149 independenceday2

Francesco Corvino

Independence Day: Resurgence
Concept Artist, Aaron Sims Company
Thumb 1428927971 hunt dougherty headshotThumb 1428927971 hunt dougherty image

Hunt Dougherty

X-Men: Days of Future Past
Previsualization Artist, The Third Floor
Thumb 1430931205 jorik dozyThumb 1461617272 warcraft

Jorik Dozy

Digital Matte Painter, ILM
Thumb 1428928006 stefano dubay headshotThumb 1461617567 bighero6

Stefano Dubay

Big Hero 6
Character Modeler, Walt Disney Animation Studios
Thumb 1430931220 josh elmoreThumb 1428927981 josh elmore image

Josh Elmore

The Avengers
Model/Texture Artist, Hydraulx
Thumb 1461190721 kirsten englandThumb 1461190721 uncharted 4

Kirsten England

Uncharted 4
Junior Technical Artist, Naughty Dog
Thumb 1428928007 stefano farci headshotThumb 1461617696 junglebook2

Stefano Farci

The Jungle Book
Lead Environment Artist, MPC
Thumb 1431379191 devon fay headshotThumb 1428927966 devon fay image

Devon Fay

World of Warcraft
Cinematic Matte Painter, Blizzard Entertainment
Thumb 1428927958 brandon fayette headshotThumb 1461617920 starwars7.2

Brandon Fayette

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens
CG Supervisor, Bad Robot
Thumb 1430931187 jonathan feldmanThumb 1428927980 jonathan feldman image

Jonathan Feldman

Previsualization Artist, Digital Domain
Thumb 1430930957 adad moralesThumb 1428927951 adad fernando morales image

Adad Fernando Morales

Battlefield Hardline
Visual Effects Artist, Visceral Games
Thumb 1428927997 nitin garg headshotThumb 1428927997 nitin garg image

Nitin Garg

Puss in Boots
Texture Artist, DreamWorks
Thumb 1428927998 omar gatica headshotThumb 1428927998 omar gatica image

Omar Gatica

Call of Duty: Ghosts
Senior Lighting Artist, Neversoft
Thumb 1428927982 juan gil headshotThumb 1461618435 tmnt

Juan Gil

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Texture Artist, Nickelodeon Animation Studios
Thumb 1428927977 jericho green headshotThumb 1428927977 jericho green image

Jericho Green

Battlefield 4
Senior Environment Artist, Electronic Arts
Thumb 1428927962 daniel haas headshotThumb 1428927963 daniel haas image

Daniel Haas

3D Production Artist, Thatgamecompany
Thumb 1430931113 erik halseyThumb 1432252977 erik halsey image

Erik Halsey

Jurassic World
Modeler and Lead Texture Painter, ILM
Thumb 1428928001 sabra haskell headshotThumb 1428928001 sabra haskell image

Sabra Haskell

The Vampire Diaries
Visual Effects Artist, Entity FX
Thumb 1430931466 steeg haskellThumb 1428928005 steeg haskell image

Steeg Haskell

Starcraft 2
Cinematic Artist, Blizzard Entertainment
Thumb 1428927987 lily heng headshotThumb 1428927987 lily heng image

Lily Heng

Generalist, Digital Domain
Thumb 1428927982 josh herman headshotThumb 1461618827 drstrange

Josh Herman

Doctor Strange
Character Artist, Marvel Entertainment
Thumb 1428927956 andrais hester headshotThumb 1429728293 andrais hester image

Andraes J Hester

Effects Artist, Entity FX
Thumb 1428927987 linas jodwalis headshotThumb 1428927988 linas jodwalis image

Linas Jodwalis

Nike Shox M1 +
Thumb 1428927978 jessica johnson headshotThumb 1461619331 hots

Jessica Johnson

Heroes of the Storm
In-Game Cinematics 3D Modeling Character Project Lead, Blizzard Entertainment
Thumb 1461192522 hannah josepherThumb 1461192522 10cloverfieldln

Hannah Josepher

10 Cloverfield Lane
Digital Artist, Bad Robot
Thumb 1430931138 ioannis karathomasThumb 1428927972 ioannis karathomas image

Ioannis Karathomas

The Elder Scrolls Online
Environment Artist, ZeniMax Online Studios
Thumb 1428927961 chris karlberg headshotThumb 1428927961 chris karlberg image

Chris Karlberg

Kung Fu Panda (TV Show)
R&D Technical Director, Nickelodeon Animation
Thumb 1428928007 suzan kim headshotThumb 1428928007 suzan kim image

Suzan Kim

3D Modeler, Walt Disney Animation
Thumb 1428927959 bridget mckahan konopka headshotThumb 1428927959 bridget mckahan konopka image

Bridget McKahan Konopka

Toontown Online
Art Director, Disney Interactive Media Group
Thumb 1428927975 jared krichevsky headshotThumb 1461619580 godsofegypt

Jared Krichevsky

Gods of Egypt
Concept Artist, Aaron Sims Company
Thumb 1430931385 mark laiThumb 1461619849 diablo3

Mark Lai

Diablo 3
Senior Cinematic Artist, Blizzard Entertainment
Thumb 1430931235 konrad lightnerThumb 1461620189 zootopia3

Konrad Lightner

Look Development Artist, Walt Disney Animation Studios
Thumb 1428928003 scott line headshotThumb 1428928003 scott line image

Scott Line

Disney Dreams
3D Artist/Animator, Martin Brinkerhoff Associates
Thumb 1461622876 jlipstockThumb 1461622876 cosmos

Jordan Lipstock

Environment Artist/Modeler/Matte Painter, Whiskeytree
Thumb 1428927973 james little headshotThumb 1461620397 starwars7.3

James Little

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens
Lead FX Technical Director, Bad Robot
Thumb 1428927989 lucy lui headshotThumb 1428927989 lucy lui image

Lucy Liu

Assistant Technical Director
Thumb 1428927999 oscar lopez headshotThumb 1428927999 oscar lopez image

Oscar Lopez

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Senior Artist, Infinity Ward
Thumb 1428928004 servando lupini headshotThumb 1461620581 wowlegion

Servando Lupini

World of Warcraft: Legion
Associate 3D Artist, Blizzard Entertainment
Thumb 1428927996 nikhil m anand headshotThumb 1461620761 gravity

Nikhil M Anand

Simulation Artist, Framestore
Thumb 1483471665 jay machadoThumb 1483471665 jay machado image

Jay Machado

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
Hard Surface Modeler, ILM
Thumb 1430931034 daniel maligThumb 1428927963 daniel malig image

Daniel Malig

Lighting Technical Director, Dr. D Studios / Rhythm & Hues
Thumb 1428928011 yarin manes headshotThumb 1428928011 yarin manes image

Yarin Manes

Falling Skies
Lighting Artist, Zoic
Thumb 1428927961 corin mccrate headshotThumb 1461621245 wowlegion2

Corin McCrate

World of Warcraft: Legion
Junior Animator, Blizzard Entertainment
Thumb 1428927960 casey mcdermott headshotThumb 1461621269 overwatch2

Casey McDermott

Cinematic Animator, Blizzard Entertainment
Thumb 1428927975 jason michael hall headshotThumb 1461621562 tmnt2

Jason Michael Hall

Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Previsualization Artist, POV Previs
Thumb 1430931484 sylvia mullerThumb 1428928008 sylvia miller image

Sylvia Miller

Call of Duty: Ghosts
Environment Artist, Infinity Ward
Thumb 1430931252 kyle mulqueenThumb 1428927985 kyle mulqueen image

Kyle Mulqeen

John Carter
3D Modeler
Thumb 1428927995 miguel ortega headshotThumb 1428927995 miguel ortega image

Miguel Ortega

Model and Texture Artist, Luma Pictures
Thumb 1428928010 van ouk headshotThumb 1428928010 van ouk image

Van Ouk

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1
3D Modeler, Hydraulx
Thumb 1428927978 john owens headshotThumb 1428927979 john owens image

John Owens

Game of Thrones
Visual Effects Producer, Entity FX
Thumb 1428927965 dave pasciuto headshotThumb 1428927965 dave pasciuto image

Dave Pasciuto

Tony Hawk: Ride
Lead Artist, Robomondo
Thumb 1430931170 john patrickThumb 1428927979 john patrick image

John Patrick

Underworld: Awakening
Pipeline Technical Director, Sony Pictures Imageworks
Thumb 1428928001 samuel perez headshotThumb 1461621837 startrek2

Samuel Perez

Star Trek: Into Darkness
Animator, Pixomondo
Thumb 1428927962 chris perkowitz headshotThumb 1461621961 avengers2.2

Chris Perkowitz

Avengers: Age of Ultron
Animator, Digital Domain
Thumb 1428927983 kirti pillai headshotThumb 1428927983 kirti pillai image

Kirti Pillai

Diablo III
Cinematic Environment Artist, Blizzard Entertainment
Thumb 1430931432 mikele raderThumb 1428927994 michele rader image

Mikele Rader

Clash of the Titans
Matchmover, Prime Focus
Thumb 1428927972 jake raymor headshotThumb 1428927972 jake raymor image

Jake Raymor

Lead User Interface Artist, ZeniMax Media
Thumb 1461607481 leticia reinaldo gillettThumb 1461607481 overwatch

Leticia Reinaldo Gillett

3D Character Artist, Blizzard
Thumb 1428927960 cesar quijada rodriguez headshotThumb 1428927960 cesar quijada rodriguez image

Cesar Quijada Rodriguez

Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Stereo Painter, Prime Focus
Thumb 1428927968 erasmo romero headshotThumb 1461608867 hungergames

Erasmo Romero

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2
Stereo Compositor, Legend 3D
Thumb 1428927957 bonnie rosenstein headshotThumb 1461622287 bfhl

Bonnie Rosenstein

Battlefield: Hardline
Environment Artist, Electronic Arts
Thumb 1428927984 krystal sae eua headshotThumb 1428927985 krystal sae euai image

Krystal Sae Eua

3D Modeling and Texture Artist
Thumb 1428927973 james schauf headshotThumb 1461609043 moana

James Schauf

Environment Modeler, Walt Disney Animation Studios
Thumb 1428927983 klaus seitschek headshotThumb 1428927983 klaus setschek image

Klaus Seitschek

Edge of Tomorrow
Effects Artist, Sony Pictures Imageworks
Thumb 1428927995 nate smith headshotThumb 1461609129 junglebook

Nate Smith

The Jungle Book
Animator, Digital Domain
Thumb 1428928008 tefft smith ii headshotThumb 1428928008 tefft smith ii image

Tefft Smith II

The Hunger Games
Previsualization Animator, Halon
Thumb 1428927992 meng taing headshotThumb 1428927992 meng taing image

Meng Taing

Uncharted 3
Lighting Artist, SCEA
Thumb 1428927990 mathew thomas headshotThumb 1428927991 mathew thomas image

Mathew Thomas

Alice in Wonderland
Lighting and Stereoscopic Technical Director, Sony Imageworks
Thumb 1428927964 dan tindell headshotThumb 1461609496 avengers2

Dan Tindell

Avengers: Age of Ultron
Previsualization Artist, The Third Floor, Inc.
Thumb 1428927986 lillian tran headshotThumb 1428927986 lillian tran image

Lillian Tran

Rotoscoping Specialist, Stereo D
Thumb 1430930991 amy vatanakulThumb 1461609675 starwars7

Amy Vatanakul

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens
Previsualization, Bad Robot Productions
Thumb 1461192986 tom wholleyThumb 1461192986 doom

Tom Wholley

Prop Modeler (Cinematic Trailer), Blur Studio
Thumb 1428927974 james wright headshotThumb 1428927974 james wright image

James Wright

StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void
Cinematic FX Artist, Blizzard Entertainment
Thumb 1428927966 diana zeng headshotThumb 1461609802 zootopia

Diana Zeng

Lighting Supervisor, Walt Disney Feature Animation
Thumb 1430931062 daniel zamoraThumb 1428927964 daniel zomora image

Daniel Zomora

Previsualization Artist, Pixel Liberation Front
Thumb 1428927999 peter zoppi headshotThumb 1461607699 blops3

Peter Zoppi

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3
Senior Character Artist, Treyarch