Jackson Lukas explores a range of visualizations in the medium of CG Hair. His manifesto would argue that hair’s simulation and realization in traditional CGI is of tantamount intrigue, fortified by the fascinating, misunderstood economics surrounding its technical and budgetary challenges in the CG pipeline and undermined only by its beauty on the big screen. Jackson has worked for a number of studios in LA, including ETC, Framestore, Prologue and DreamWorks as well as studios specializing in emerging mediums in CGI, like insperience and dotdotdash.


Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous (TV series) (Groomer)
Boss Baby: Back in Business (TV series) (Groomer)
Fast and Furious: Spy Racers (TV series) (Groomer)
Dragons: The Nine Realms (TV series) (Groomer)
Westworld (TV series) (Compositing Supervisor)
Bungie Destiny 2 (Video Game) (Groomer/Look Dev artist)
Godzilla vs. Kong (Pre-viz Artist)
Aquaman (Immersive Interactive Experience) (CG Generalist)

Work Experience

Groomer, DreamWorks Animation
VFX Artist, Insperience
Lighting/Look Development/Groomer, Prologue
CG Artist, Electric Theatre Collective
VFX Artist/Groomer, Andrew Thomas Huang
CG Artist, Framestore


Sci-Arc, Masters in Architecture, 2015-2018
Temple University, BA in Philosophy