Hyunjae (Jay) Lee is a concept artist that has been working in games and entertainment industries for more than 5 years. He has been creating concepts for popular games such as Dungeons and Dragons, League of Legends and Civilization IV. He has worked in collaboration with the teams at Netflix Animation, Epic Games and Section Studios. He creates fantastic worlds from his imagination that are fully realized in games.


World of Warcraft (Concept Artist)
Wizards of the Coast (video game) (Concept Artist)
Dungeons and Dragons (video game) (Concept Artist)
Outerwilds (video game) (Concept Artist)
Talislanta (video game) (Concept Artist)
League of Legends (video game) (Concept Artist)
Civilization VI (video game) (Concept Artist)

Work Experience

Concept Artist, Scribble Pad Studios
Concept Artist, VEU
Visual Development Artist, Netflix Animation
Concept Artist and Illustrator, Epic Games
Concept Artist and Illustrator, Section Studios


Concept Design Academy, 2012-2016
Brainstorm School, 2015-2016