JP’s career spans decades and crosses genres. A skilled concept artist, illustrator, and art director, his dynamic style has graced over 300 fantasy and science fiction book covers for publishers including Tor Books, Bantam Dell and Berkley Books. JP has also created illustrated conceptual content for RPG games, films, posters, and commercials.


Wonder Woman (Costume Illustrator)
Alien: Covenant (Marketing Illustrator)
The Avengers (Licensing Illustrator)
John Carter (Costume Concept Artist)
Transformers Trilogy (Concept Artist)

Work Experience

Illustrator, Fox Film, TV, and Sports
Illustrator, Paizo Publishing
Lead Concept Artist, Gentle Giant Studios
Illustrator, Marvel Entertainment
Illustrator, Blizzard Entertainment


School of Visual Arts, BA in Illustration, 1985 - 1989

Awards & Recognition

Published in Spectrum, Imagine FX and Society of Illustrators Annual
A.S.F.A Chesley Award, Best Paperback Book Cover, 2006