Gnomon’s Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Production is a full-time program designed to produce production-ready artists who are versed in general academic knowledge, foundational arts, and production skills. The curriculum covers all aspects of a 3D generalist skill set, providing an in-depth understanding of the 3D production pipeline, and a strong foundation in both visual arts and general education studies. BFA students will develop their command of design and technical applications to contribute and succeed within the competitive film, game, and visual effects industries.

Optional Concentration:

Game Art

Students may choose a Game Art Concentration, which contains 30 unique units of game specific courses within the Digital Production course of study. Speak with an admissions advisor to learn more.

  • Provides breadth and depth of learning within the 3D production pipeline in film, games, and visual effects
  • Financial aid for those who qualify
  • Technical education with a focus on tools, processes, and workflow
  • In-depth training in industry software such as Maya, ZBrush, Photoshop, After Effects, Nuke, V-Ray, and more
  • Elective options for enhancement in particular skills
  • Culminates in the creation of a demo reel used to gain employment
  • International students are eligible to apply

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BFA Curriculum

Term 1
  • Overview of Digital Production
  • Language Arts 1
  • Figure Drawing
  • Earth Science
  • Cultural Studies
  • Visual Communications 1
Term 2
  • Art History 1
  • Storyboarding
  • Color Theory and Light
  • Perspective
  • Character Sculpture 1
  • Anatomy
Term 3
  • Introduction to 3D with Maya
  • Texturing and Shading 1
  • Photoshop for Digital Production
  • Quantitative Principles 1
  • Digital Photography
Term 4
  • Art History 2
  • Texturing and Shading 2
  • Animation and Visual Effects 1
  • Hard Surface Modeling 1
  • History and Principles of Animation
  • Digital Painting
Term 5
  • Digital Sculpting
  • Lighting and Rendering 1
  • Animation and Visual Effects 2
  • Introduction to Compositing
  • Animal Drawing
Term 6
  • Character Animation 1
  • HD Digital Filmmaking for VFX
  • Hard Surface Modeling 2
  • Art of Compositing
  • Language Arts 2
Term 7
  • Dynamic Effects 1
  • Matchmoving and Integration
  • Advanced Compositing
  • Lighting and Rendering 2
  • Digital Sets
Term 8
  • Character Animation 2
  • Game Creation 1
  • Texturing and Shading 3
  • Lighting and Rendering 3
  • Dynamic Effects 2
Term 9
  • Quantitative Principles 2
  • Character Rigging Fundamentals
  • Dynamic Effects 3 or Look Development
  • Digital Matte Painting
Elective 300
Choose one of the following:
  • Character Design
  • Character Animation 3
  • Character Sculpture 2
  • Environment Design
Term 10
  • Narrative Structure
  • Character Rigging for Production
  • Social Science
  • Dynamic Effects 4 or Lighting & Rendering 4
Elective 400
Choose one of the following:
  • Houdini 1
  • Creature Animation 1
  • Game Creation 2
  • Character Modeling and Sculpting
Term 11
  • Oral Communication
  • Demo Reel 1
  • Demo Reel 2
Elective 410
Choose one of the following:
  • Houdini 2
  • Previsualization and Animatics
  • Creature Modeling and Sculpting
  • Texturing and Shading for Games
Term 12
  • Portfolio Preparation
  • Demo Reel 3
  • Demo Reel 4
Elective 420
Choose one of the following:
  • Character Animation 4
  • Maya Modules
  • Props and Weapons for Games
  • Visual Effects for Games
Please note: this curriculum is subject to change.

Alumni Success Stories

Gnomon strives to place graduates into their dream jobs right out of school. Our 2016 employment rates of 100%* for our Digital Production for Entertainment program and 93% for our Entertainment Design & Digital Production program mean that Gnomon consistently supplies Hollywood’s studios with the talent they need. The information listed in this section represents institutional alumni success prior to the BFA program launch

*Percentage reflects the average employment rate of Gnomon’s vocational programs in accordance with national accreditation standards of the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC). Visit our Consumer Disclosures for more information.

"Gnomon was essential to my growth as an artist in the industry. Having a crash course in all aspects of computer art not only made me a better artist but helped grow my mental toolset which better equipped me to work in a professional environment."

Lucas Sparks — Alumnus
Environment Artist at The Workshop Entertainment

"Not only does Gnomon train you with state-of-the-art tools but more importantly, they train you in the art and fundamentals of creating visually stunning imagery. In an industry where the tools and software are constantly changing, I feel like that is the key reason Gnomon rises above all other schools."

Mike Zhang — Alumnus
Lighting TD at Sony Pictures Imageworks