Gnomon is approved by the US Department of Education to offer Federal financial aid, including Pell Grants, Work-Study, Direct Loans, and Parent PLUS Loans to those who qualify.

At Gnomon, Federal financial aid is only available to students who are accepted and enrolled into the following full-time programs:

  • BFA Degree in Digital Production
  • 2-Year Certificate in Digital Production

For students registering for Foundation in Art & Design classes or individual courses, Federal assistance is not available, however, private educations loans are available to those who qualify.

Private Education Loans

In addition to offering Federal financial aid options, Gnomon offers Private Education Loan options to those who qualify from two different lenders, College Ave and Sallie Mae.

These loans can be used to cover tuition and estimated living expenses.

They are credit-based and will most likely require a co-signer.

Below are links to disclosures and information on the loan products offered by the lenders. You may choose to apply to one lender or both for a comparison.



For instructions and more information on what is possible,
contact the Financial Aid Office at (323) 466-6663 or by email at

For information on Gnomon's Title IV Code of Conduct, click on the file link below.