Tuition* (Average Cost per Term)$8,700 per term (for more information, please click here )
Quarterly Student Fee$250 per term
Non-Refundable Confirmation of Acceptance Fee"$125
STRF Fee**$0

Tuition Due upon Arrival - BFA Degree Program

Gnomon requires an initial payment covering two terms of tuition plus a student event fee for each term. The total for both terms is $20,220, which includes tuition ($9,860 per term) and the Quarterly Student fee ($250 per term).

Tuition (Terms 1 and 2)*:$9,860 x 2 = $19,720
Quarterly Student Fee (Terms 1 and 2):$250 x 2 = $500
International Processing Fee$150
Non-Refundable Confirmation of Acceptance Fee$125
STRF Fee**$0
Total Due Before Arrival$20,495

Students will resume tuition/fee payments beginning with Term 3 at $8,120 USD plus the $250 Quarterly Student Fee. All tuition payments and fees are due no later than the first Friday of each term.

For more information on international tuition payments click here.

*Gnomon reserves the right to increase tuition/fees once each calendar year. Tuition/Fee increases will not exceed 5% per calendar year.'
**Effective January 1, 2015, the Student Tuition Recovery Fund (STRF) assessment rate will be zero ($0) per $1,000. Therefore, Gnomon will not collect STRF assessments from students unless otherwise noted.