Alumni Spill the Beans on Why They Love Gnomon

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“I came here without any knowledge of 3D. I left with all the tools I needed to work in the industry.” – Jay Machado, Gnomon Alumnus and Senior Modeler at Industrial Light & Magic

Gnomon alumni talk about their time at Gnomon and how the school helped prepare them for careers in the digital production and visual effects industry.

Student Artwork Credits in order of appearance:

  • Weiyo Sha
  • Yuwei Chiang
  • Evan Cwiertny
  • Kyle Martin
  • Santhosh Koneru in collaboration with Devon Chiu, James Reynolds, Peter Tobolsky, Ashley Stegon, Shauna Klebesadel, and Nathan Huang
  • Bastian Petjak
  • Benjamin Chan
  • Stefan Kang
  • Lorenzo Silano
  • Rico Suyang Wang
  • Sadar Jaff
  • Taylor Duval
  • Josh Harrison
  • Sean Gardner
  • Stefan Kang and Sinjin Treharne
  • Benjamin Chan
  • Jak Pagan
  • Danny Chilingaryan
  • Stefan Kang
  • Aaron Corbin
  • Coper Zhang

All cameras courtesy of BlackmagicDesign

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