An Evening with Naughty Dog at Gnomon

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Naughty Dog artists Adam Scott, Hans Godard, and Yibing Jiang discuss the game character creation pipeline.

Naughty Dog artists Adam Scott, Hans Godard, and Yibing Jiang discuss the game character creation pipeline.

Gnomon streams an evening with Naughty Dog to over 24,000 online viewers from a packed stage in Hollywood. Discover the highlights and watch all the footage right here.

On the heels of E3 2015 in Los Angeles, Naughty Dog visited the Gnomon Stage in Hollywood for a captivating evening of game art, career advice, and industry secrets. Ten of Naughty Dog's finest from the game art creation pipeline revealed how they broke into video games and shared an insight into the work that they contribute to triple-A titles.

With the Unchartered 4: A Thief's End E3 demo fresh in everyone's minds, the evening was a unique opportunity to learn from one of the best game studios in the world at an exciting time in the video game event calendar. Three panels throughout the evening gave insight into game character creation, concept designing, and building video game environments, as well as a look into the incredible teamwork that goes into all the technical art and special effects that bring games like The Last of Us and the Unchartered series to life. The panels comprised of artists that represented the studio's diverse talents from countries around the globe, including France, Italy, South Africa, and Canada, as well as homegrown US artists. It was fascinating to learn not only about how these artists work together to create world-class games, but also to understand how and why they've moved from different countries and industries to work in Los Angeles at Naughty Dog.

Ana Cho, Adam Littledale, Aaron Limonick, and Alice Gionchetta talk about the importance of seeking inspiration everywhere and share insight into how they craft video game environments at Naughty Dog.

While Unchartered 4 was mostly off-topic, the speakers gave fascinating glimpses into the incredible level of detail that goes into all Naughty Dog titles. From dynamic blood and mind-blowingly detailed facial destruction shots, to the subtle clothes lines and swaying antennae that add the extra level of realism Naughty Dog games are renowned for, the speakers showcased how teamwork is key to making both characters and environments feel alive and active. “We don't say no to good ideas, ever," said Naughty Dog Artist Andrew Maximov. “I think there's a certain flare about Naughty Dog that just makes people go and nit-pick every little bit because they know that we put so much detail in there."

Christophe Desse, Andrew Maximov, and Neilan Naicker talk about how they work together to push the dynamics in Naughty Dog games to make the best video game experiences possible.

The event was free and open to the public and streamed live to the world. The live audience featured an eclectic mix of Gnomon students and alumni, as well as a host of industry professionals, hobbyists, video game fans, and a group of curious high school students considering a career in games. Meanwhile on Livestream, thousands of viewers tuned in to catch the event. Since streaming on Thursday, June 25th, over 24,000 unique viewers have checked out the footage on Livestream. You can watch all the footage below; for more event footage from Gnomon be sure to subscribe to the YouTube Channel.

Naughty Dog is renowned for selecting the best talents from around the world and for its rigorous recruitment process. A number of Gnomon alumni from the Full-Time Programs have gone on to work for Naughty Dog. To stay up to date with vacancies, follow @NaughtyDogJobs on Twitter.

Thanks to all the press who attended the event and to all the media that helped spread the word, including CTN, Campus Circle, Destructoid, Game Informer, 3D Artist, 3dtotal, CreativeBloq, DualShockers, GameSkinny, and DMW.

The line for an evening with Naughty Dog started early – the event was free and open to the public, allowing anyone with a passion for video games to come and learn from top talents.

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