Avengers' Artist Josh Herman Talks Superhero Design

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Artwork by Josh Herman

Artwork by Josh Herman

Josh Herman is a Lead Character Artist on Avengers: Age of Ultron. A Gnomon alumni, Josh broke into the Hollywood film industry upon graduation from Gnomon, building up an impressive list of credits on a number of superhero films as well as Real Steel and Total Recall. He's been working for Marvel Studios ever since The Avengers and, following a recent move to West Michigan, now contributes his world-class designs for Hollywood blockbusters from his home office near Grand Rapids.

In an interview with WZZM 13 Station in West Michigan last month, Josh shared insight into his role and offered a glimpse at some of the statues created by Sideshow Collectibles from his designs. He told WZZM 13: “We get the script before … the director is cast [and] so we'll design and kind of build around what the story is — not necessarily what the director wants, at first. And then when a director comes in they have their input, and so their idea plus our idea kind of equals the end product."

Watch the full story on WZZM 13 Station and see more of Josh's work on his official website. You can also follow Josh on Facebook to stay up to date with his latest projects and announcements.

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