Avengers: Infinity War – Gnomon Alumni Assembled

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Avengers: Infinity War Official Movie Poster

Avengers: Infinity War Official Movie Poster

Avengers: Infinity War needed more than just an all-star cast; teams of remarkable artists from across the universe also came together to create Marvel movie magic

The Avengers were formed from the idea that bringing together a group of remarkable people could fight the battles that others never could. We take a moment to honor the many extraordinary Gnomon graduates that came together in various stages of their careers and from all corners of the globe to fight the many unique battles that help make a Marvel masterpiece.

In alphabetical order, we salute the following Gnomon alumni for their ever-inspiring work and first-class achievements:

  • Alberto Casu – 3D Environment Artist, Digital Domain (Vancouver)
  • Kittitus Chinatiworn – Lighter/Look Development/3D Generalist, Digital Domain (Los Angeles)
  • Wei-Chuan Hsu – Pre-Vis/Post-Vis 3D Shot Creator, The Third Floor (Los Angeles)
  • Wei-Chuan Hsu – Junior Animator, Industrial Light & Magic (San Francisco)
  • Hunt Dougherty – Senior Artist – Post-Vis Lead & Assets, The Third Floor (Los Angeles)
  • Jorik Dozy – Lead Environment Artist, Industrial Light & Magic (Singapore)
  • Stefano Farci – Generalist TD, Industrial Light & Magic (London)
  • Dylan Harris – Pre-Vis/Post-Vis Shot Creator, The Third Floor (Los Angeles)
  • Ebrahim Jahromi – Creature Supervisor, Industrial Light & Magic (San Francisco)
  • Pio Paulo Santana – 3D Designer, Legacy Effects (Los Angeles)
  • Cesar Quijada – Senior Digital Painter, Weta Digital (New Zealand)
  • Caitlin Rupert – Post-Vis Artist, The Third Floor (Los Angeles)
  • Ismael Salcedo – Lead Character Artist, Legacy Effects (Los Angeles)
  • Gustav Suguimoto Lonergan – Post-Vis/Pre-Vis Artist/Asset Creator, The Third Floor (Los Angeles)
  • Gino Trovela – 3D Artist, Legacy Effects (Los Angeles)
  • Gideon Vandegrift – Digital Artist, Digital Domain (Los Angeles)

We’re still counting the amazing alumni that worked on Avengers: Infinity War. If you graduated from Gnomon’s Certificate in Digital Production Program and also contributed to the movie, or you know someone that did, let us know, and we’ll add to the list!

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