Fall 2018 Term Featured Classes

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Gnomon Fall 2018 Featured Classes

Gnomon Fall 2018 Featured Classes

Registration is open for Gnomon’s Fall 2018 term. Head on over to our course list to explore our new courses like UI Design. Looking for some recommendations? Check out our Featured On-Campus Courses and grab a spot in one of these classes today!

UI Design | Instructor Artwork by Stephan Dube
UI Design, Instructor Artwork by Stephan Dube

UI Design

Learn the fundamentals of user interface design for games. Beginning with an introduction to user interface and user experience in video games, this course takes students through the process of ideation and creating mockups and culminates in a functional front-end menu and heads up display using UMG in UE4. The class covers a range of topics including creation of page transitions, UI animations, and designing a fantasy UI.

UI Design will be taught by Stephan Dube, who is currently a Lead UI/UX Designer at Survios with over thirteen years of experience.

Gesture Drawing, Instructor Artwork by April Connors
Gesture Drawing, Instructor Artwork by April Connors

Gesture Drawing

Develop skills in gesture drawing from a live model. This course is a complement to Life Drawing and focuses on the expression of gesture in the human form. In-class drawing sessions use live models, both nude and costumed, in a variety of character and story-driven poses. Students will learn critical elements of dynamic drawing, such as pose analysis, silhouette development, proportion, balance, and critical thinking in terms of storytelling and design. By drawing quickly and spontaneously, students learn to be more creative, inventive, and versatile as visual artists.

Gesture Drawing will be taught by April Connors, a traditional dynamic figurative illustrator, visual development artist, and author whose works have been exhibited world-wide.

Level Design, Student Artwork by Rico Suyang Want
Level Design, Student Artwork by Rico Suyang Wang

Level Design

Explore the process of 2D and 3D level design for games. This course illustrates and exemplifies the role of a level designer on a game project as they carry out the task of defining and generating a playable space. Students will examine the process of greyboxing and level layout, become familiar with the concepts of pathing and reveals, and recognize the importance of the use of modularity and elevation.

Level Design is taught by Evan Hill, a Level Designer at Naughty Dog and is currently working on Last of Us Part II.

Look Development, Artwork by Alex Alvarez
Look Development, Artwork by Alex Alvarez

Look Development

Delve into the technical challenges of creating surfaces for look development. In-class lectures cover developing the look of and polishing 3D renders in different areas of the production environment, including characters and environments. Topics include subsurface scattering for characters, translucent materials, human eyes, vegetation, and terrains, as well as the utilization of multi mattes to polish 3D renders. Student learning will benefit from demonstrations of creating atmosphere and mixing live action elements with CG effects.

Look Development instructor Miguel Ortega is a Director at Spy Films with over extensive experience as a visual effects artist, modeler, and creature designer.

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