Gnomon's Digital Arts Summer Camp 2019 Registration Now Open

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Gnomon's Digital Arts Summer Camp

Gnomon's Digital Arts Summer Camp

Registration is now open for Gnomon's Digital Arts Summer Camp! Tailored specifically to high school students ages fourteen to eighteen, Gnomon's Digital Arts Summer Camp is an awesome expedition into the world of art and visual effects for the entertainment industry.

June 17 - June 21, 2019
June 24 - June 28, 2019

Learn more about the camp here or read on to discover the seven disciplines taught at this year's camp!

3D Animation and Visual Effects

Explore the foundations of 3D computer graphics and animation—staples of digital production for the film, television, and games industries. Students will receive a hands-on introduction to Autodesk Maya, an industry standard software, as they create and animate their own objects and scenes and learn the basics behind integral skills like 3D modeling, texturing, lighting, animating with dynamics, and rendering.

Digital Painting

Get hands on experience in digital painting and concept design. Students will “trade in” their brushes and wooden palettes for drawing tablets and styluses as they learn how to utilize Adobe Photoshop to digitally paint and illustrate. Sessions will cover the principles of perspective, color, design, anatomy, architecture, and more, while introducing students to essential production tools such as key frame illustrations and color keys.

Digital Sculpting

Learn the fundamentals of digital sculpting and model creation. Students will learn and utilize the basic principles of sculpture in Pixologic’s ZBrush, an industry standard 3D digital sculpting software, to create digital sculptures that reflect an understanding of anatomy, design, and the natural world while build foundational modeling skills that can be used in the visual effects and video game industries.

Intro to Game Creation

Discover the basics of the game development pipeline and level creation. Students will also receive an introduction to working in a game engine as they use Unreal 4 to create their own explorable levels.

Character Design

Find out how to design characters from start to finish. Students will be introduced to the fundamental techniques and tools used to create well-developed, easily readable characters as they walk through the major stages of character design—research, concept, critique, and revision. Along with utilizing essential Photoshop illustration techniques, sessions will cover important topics including character archetypes and storytelling, thumbnailing and silhouette design, posing, props and costuming, and more.

Creature Design

Learn the building blocks behind designing believable creatures from start to finish. Students will be introduced to principals behind creating grounded, appealing creature designs—including anatomy, form, storytelling, and character development. In addition to covering essential Photoshop illustration techniques, sessions will touch upon the fundamentals of design, concepting, and development to help students create complex creatures.

Character Sculpture

Explore the fundamentals of traditional sculpting. Students will spend the week creating an 18-inch clay maquette, learning the basic principles of anatomy, gesture, form, and design, while also developing essential skills and techniques for creating three-dimensional interpretations of two-dimensional designs.

In addition to hands-on, in-class instruction on topics such as 3D animation, modeling, design, and more, the average day at Gnomon’s Digital Arts Summer Camp also includes a catered lunch and a guest speaker presentation. Students will have the opportunity to hear from a respected artist working in the entertainment industry to learn about what it’s like to be a visual effects artist as well as about the jobs and specialties within the field.

Learn more about the camp and register today!

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