Gnomon is 'shaping the future of Hollywood', says Euronews

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Europe's most-watched news channel cites Gnomon's ability to 'help creative minds reach their goals in the entertainment industry' in top-rated online story.

Gnomon is shaping the future of Hollywood, according to leading European news channel Euronews.

In a top-rated story on its website, Euronews notes how Gnomon helps “creative minds reach their goals in the entertainment industry”, praising the way the school is “designed to cultivate creativity and learning by mimicking the environments of real production studios”.

Praise from Europe's answer to CNN

Founded in 1993 as a European answer to CNN, Euronews describes itself as “the most-watched news channel in Europe”, providing 24-hour news coverage in 13 different languages, through cable and satellite networks across Europe and Asia.

As well as noting Gnomon's 94% industry placement rate for graduates, and the fact that its instructors include working professionals at leading visual effects, games and animation studios, the story includes a tweet from leading international CG student awards scheme The Rookies, praising the work of recent Gnomon graduate Jacqi Dillon.

The story has clearly struck a chord with Euronews' readers: at the time of posting, it was the most viewed article in the website's Culture section from the past seven days, outpacing coverage of Blink-182's latest album and Star Trek Beyond.

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