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Instructor Work by Charles Hu

Instructor Work by Charles Hu

Gnomon’s Summer Term kicks off soon, but there is still time to enroll on some of the individual 10-week courses if you haven’t yet signed up. Enroll by July 21*

Gnomon’s Summer Term begins Monday, July 10th, but you can sign up for individual courses until July 21st! Whether you’re looking to brush up on your 3D skills, go back to basics and learn the fundamentals of art and design, or want to push yourself to the next level, there is likely to be a class for you. The range of ten-week courses are structured into Foundational, Intermediate, High Intermediate, and taught by working industry professionals in animation, games, and visual effects. We’ve highlighted some of the classes still open for immediate registration below – to view the full list of ten-week courses available, visit gnomon.edu/browse-courses.

On-Campus Classes:

Classes taught at the Gnomon campus in Hollywood offer instruction of the essential technical and artistic skills needed to succeed in the film, game, and visual effects industries. All classes are taught by industry professionals in Los Angeles, with a maximum class size of 18 students.

Character Sculpture 1 with John Brown
Beginning with character design fundamentals, John Brown teaches students how to create an armature for dynamic and neutral posing, and then concentrate heavily on primary and secondary forms using traditional clay sculpting techniques. Once established, students learn to texture and detail their clay sculptures, and polish them to a professional finish using a variety of techniques. Learn more.

Gesture Drawing with April Connors
This course, taught by April Connors, focuses on gesture as applied to animation. Students draw from live models, both nude and costumed, in a variety of character and story-driven poses. An emphasis on building form through silhouette, proportion, and expression helps students grasp the fundamentals of drawing from life. By drawing quickly and spontaneously, students learn to be more creative, inventive, and versatile. Learn more.

Photoshop for Digital Production with Michael Colburn
Led by Michael Colburn, this class provides students with a working foundation of the interface and tools of Photoshop. Through lectures, demos, and exercises, students learn photographic retouching, color treatment, use of layers and selections, and photographic manipulation. This course also covers the use of Photoshop as a production tool in the 3D pipeline. Learn more.

Level Design with Anton Napierala
This course, taught by Anton Napierala, clarifies the techniques of level design in games and the process of defining and generating a playable space. Students learn how the design of a level allows a game to evolve. Lectures cover the responsibilities of a level designer, from creating a variety of gameplay elements, game pipelines, and engagement with artists to ensure smooth and seamless gameplay. Learn more.

Online Classes:

Online classes* are taught in a virtual classroom with direct access to your instructor and peers. Online class instructors are working industry professionals located around the world.
*Online courses are only available to residents of California and those residing outside of the United States.

Anatomy with Ron Lemen
In this course, Ron Lemen teaches students the foundation of the character arts by exploring the anatomical structure of the human body and instructing on how anatomical elements function to create movements, attitudes, and gestures. Students will learn how to understand, illustrate, and caricature the human body based on realistic and designed anatomy. Learn more.

Introduction to 3D with Maya with Andy Kelts
Led by Andy Kelts, this course focuses on the 3D basics using Maya. Students are introduced to the Maya interface and philosophy, as well as 3D modeling, texturing, lighting, and rendering. Lectures cover the application of these tools in the film, television and game industries. After eight weeks of instruction with one-on-one help from the instructor, students will dedicate the remainder of the term to personal projects. Learn more.

Digital Sculpting with Maddie Scott Spencer
In this course, Maddie Scott Spencer teaches students how to explore various methods of object creation and manipulation in ZBrush, from creating basic forms to finely detailed sculptures. Students will be introduced to the ZBrush interface and workflow and learn how to incorporate the digital sculpting tool into their artistic pipeline. The course culminates with a final project and a comprehensive final exam. Learn more.

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*If registering after July 10, we advise that you consult an Admissions Advisor for advice on any classes that may be missed in the first 1-2 weeks of the course.

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