May Movies: Solo and Deadpool 2 Alumni Revealed

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Deadpool 2 poster courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Deadpool 2 poster courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Summer blockbuster season now starts in May! We’re celebrating the Gnomon alumni that contributed to Solo: A Star Wars Story and Deadpool 2 .

June and its summer blockbusters are almost here, but don’t count May out just yet! This month has thrown some strong contenders into the cinematic arena—today marks the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story, and let’s not forget that everyone’s favorite merc with a mouth dropped Deadpool 2 last week. Whether superhero showdowns or swashbuckling space adventures are your thing, Gnomon alumni had a hand in making these epic movies a reality.

Congratulations to the incredibly talented Gnomon alumni for their contributions to these fantastic properties:

Solo: A Star Wars Story

  • Brent Elliott – Look Development, ILM
  • Berk Hakguder – Sr. FX TD, ILM

Deadpool 2

  • Jason Michael Hall – Previsualization Artist, Unit Eleven
  • Dylan Harris – Postvis Artist, The Third Floor
  • Cesar Quijada – Sr. Digital Paint Artist, Weta Digital
  • Michele Rader – Asset Creation, The Third Floor
  • Caitlin Rupert – Postvis Artist, The Third Floor

These alumni really put the stellar in interstellar and the super in superhero! Congratulations again on bringing these stories to life.

If you graduated from Gnomon’s Certificate in Digital Production Program and also contributed to Solo: A Star Wars Story or Deadpool 2, or you know someone that did, let us know, and we’ll add to the list!

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Image courtesy of 20th Century Fox

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