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Official ‘Ready Player One’ movie poster. Copyright Warner Bros.

Official ‘Ready Player One’ movie poster. Copyright Warner Bros.

Gnomon proudly reveals the names of the alumni that contributed to Steven Spielberg’s science-fiction action adventure Ready Player One

Labeled Spielberg’s “best film in a decade” by Forbes, Ready Player One is a dream movie credit for any artist. Those that grew up peering into the jaws of T-Rex celebrate victory around the world today, seeing their names on the mighty screens of this year’s soon-to-be blockbuster hit, and Gnomon is thrilled to share a list of the many alumni enjoying the satisfaction of having contributed to a Spielberg epic.

Gnomon graduates have contributed to Ready Player One in various roles at many top studios across the globe, providing concept art, look development, lighting, modeling, texturing, and much more. Congratulations to the following talented artists for their incredible contributions:

  • Josue Arias, Integration Artist – Digital Domain
  • Alberto Casu, 3D Environment Artist – Digital Domain
  • Brent Elliott, Senior Look Development/Lighting TD – Digital Domain
  • Lev Hakobyan, Modeling Texture Artist – Luma Pictures
  • Jared Krichevsky, Concept Artist – Aaron Sims Creative
  • Matthew Millard, Look Development Lead – Aaron Sims Creative
  • Nitesh Nagda, CG Generalist – Digital Domain
  • David Olson, 3D Generalist – Aaron Sims Creative
  • Thibaud Fond, CG Generalist - Aaron Sims Creative

“Gnomon graduates are able to hit the ground running when they are put into the production pipeline, and become an integral part of the team quickly,” said Shannon Wiggins, Director of Placement and Alumni Relations and Gnomon. “Over the years we’ve had a great relationship with Aaron Sims Creative, and have been able to provide them with student interns and full-time graduates to work on many high-level television and film projects. For Ready Player One, we had graduates working on concept design, modeling, and texturing for the multiple scenarios that appear in the film. What a great opportunity!”

And now, we’re going to put on our goggles and celebrate like it’s 2045!

If you graduated from Gnomon’s Certificate in Digital Production Program and contributed to Ready Player One, let us know, and we’ll add you to the list!

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