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A still from The Legion. Santhosh Koneru's amazing cinematic trailer won Grand Prize for best student art work in Gnomon's Best of Term awards for Summer 2016.

A still from The Legion. Santhosh Koneru's amazing cinematic trailer won Grand Prize for best student art work in Gnomon's Best of Term awards for Summer 2016.

See Santhosh Koneru's atmospheric sci-fi short, along with the other award-winning student work created at Gnomon during the Summer 2016 term.

Gnomon regularly features amazing student artwork in its Best of Term lists. Some of it even goes on to win top international awards. But rarely does that work include a complete full-CG cinematic trailer of a quality that most professional artists would be proud of. Yet that's precisely the feat that Santhosh Koneru has achieved with The Legion, his Grand Prize-winning entry in the Summer 2016 Best of Term awards.

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The atmospheric 30-second short – it's a must-watch if you're a fan of the aesthetic of movies like Prometheus – shows an alien warrior striding out of an underground base to be confronted with a hovering spaceship. The ship was created by fellow Gnomon students Devon Chiu, Ashley Stegon and Shauna Klebesadel; Nathan Huang contributed the smoke effects, and James Reynolds and Peter Tobolsky also collaborated on the project. You can see a making-of at the end of the video below.

The Legion, Santhosh Koneru's Best of Term Summer 2016 Grand Prize-winning short. The 30-second cinematic was created in collaboration with six other Gnomon students.

Santhosh, who already has worked for BBC Worldwide and commercials specialists Electric Theatre Collective on his resume, says that he likes accepting a challenge that intimidates him. “In the end, it is more rewarding [because of] the confidence you gain from overcoming the intimidation,” he says.

The sci-fi theme continues through several of the other Best of Term awards, with Aaron Corbin taking the Creature Design prize with his concept image of an alien and Akin Adekile carrying off Hard Surface Modeling – Character for his model of a soldier droid. Brett Shields won the Hard Surface Modeling – Vehicle category with a detailed 3D spacecraft, based on a concept by Justin Fields, while Omer Gurkan won the Compositing category for a futuristic – and photorealistic – injection system.

Based on a concept by Sebastian Luca, Lev Hakobyan's Gorilla Man won the Texturing and Shading category in Gnomon's Best of Term Summer 2016 awards.

Gorilla Man, Lev Hakobyan's winning entry in the Texturing and Shading category, is no less futuristic – although considerably less grime-free. (Think of Winston from Overwatch crossed with your local auto mechanic, and you're pretty much there.) The model is based on a concept image by Sebastian Luca.

You can see a similar aesthetic in Tussle, Adam Waldman's winning entry in the Character Animation category. Created in Source Filmmaker, the short shows Alyx from Half-Life 2 coming off on top in a round of robot boxing.

Danilo Paulo, the winner of the Environment – Games category, also employs a real-time toolset – in this case, Unreal Engine 4 – for his steampunk-style Dragon Door scene. You can see still renders, including lighting variations, in his ArtStation gallery.

Based on Blizzard Entertainment's concept art for Diablo III, João Baptista's Demon Hunter model carried off the Character – Games award.

In contrast, João Baptista references not dragons but demons with his winning model from the Character – Games category, recreating the Demon Hunter from Diablo III from Blizzard Entertainment's concept art. You can see wireframes on ArtStation.

Other figurative modeling awards went to David Olson for a Cthulhoid creature based on a concept by Christopher Burdett, and to David Tyler Young for his beautiful Phantom of the Opera character, based on a concept image by Celine Kim.

Allan Bernardo's warmly evocative Entrance To The Manor, a 3D recreation of the concept image of the same name by Quentin Regnes, won the Lighting prize.

A similar mood prevails in Allan Bernardo's Entrance To The Manor, the winner of the Lighting prize. Again, this warmly nostalgic scene is a faithful 3D recreation of a 2D concept image: in this case, one created by concept artist Quentin Regnes.

The remaining awards covered excellence in environment work, with Stefan Kang winning the Environment Design category for this volcanic landscape, Sardar Jaf the Environment Interior – 3D category for this abandoned diner, and Voon Jiat Lim the Environment Exterior – 3D category for this nocturnal ocean scene. The water is simulated in Houdini and Maya's Bifrost toolset, and the fog generated in V-Ray.

Congratulations to all of the Best of Term Summer 2016 winners, several of whom already have jobs at leading studios. Among them, Allan Bernardo is working for practical effects legends Legacy Effects, Adam Waldman for VR specialists Survios, David Tyler Young for Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games, while Brett Shields is Lead Artist at concept art collective Ironklad Studios. We can't imagine that it will take the others long to follow in their footsteps once they graduate.

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