World of Warcraft Artists Reveal Top 5 Portfolio Tips for Careers at Blizzard

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World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth Cinematic Still Orc v. Human

World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth Cinematic Still Orc v. Human

One of the best things about studying at Gnomon is the exclusive access to working professionals. This week, Blizzard Entertainment's WoW team visited campus.

Blizzard Entertainment’s Steve Aguilar (Lead Animator) and Jeff Parrott (Art Manager) from the World of Warcraft team first met with students for a portfolio review, and then headed over to the Gnomon Stage for an exclusive overview of the unique art culture at Blizzard and insight into what it’s like working on one of the world’s best-selling MMORPGs. They also provided industry tips and career advice, and covered the studio’s creative process.

Their top five tips for student portfolios were to:

  1. Keep it simple
    • Website/Portfolio should not be complicated
    • Keep focus on the art
  2. Be apparent with what you want to do
    • Character Artists make characters, FX artists make explosions, etc.
  3. Limit your portfolio to only your great pieces
    • 3 to 5 is a great starting number
  4. Put in the hours now before you can’t
    • You have time to focus on practice- so use it!
  5. Explore and experiment but focus on one thing
    • Try different types of art, but excel at one.

The students were also able to engage in a lengthy Q&A session and were invited to participate in the World of Warcraft Student Art Contest — which is currently open for submissions!

Students are invited to use their creativity and ability to work within the World of Warcraft art style, to create either an environment, non-player character (NPC) or creature, player ability, or unique combat animation. Prizes include a tour of Blizzard Entertainment HQ in Irvine, a 2-hour face-to-face mentorship session with a senior Blizzard artist, a one year subscription to World of Warcraft, a Blizzard Entertainment notebook (featuring an original sketch by a Blizzard artist), and of course, a Blizzard T-shirt.

Servando submitted a 3D render based on his Best-of-Term-winning concept artwork for a win in Blizzard's Environment category.

Servando Lupini is the most recent Gnomon graduate to have won the Student Art Contest. In 2014, Servando won the Environment Category with his Best-of-Term winning concept art. After winning the contest, Servando went on to intern at Blizzard, and became a full time employee at Blizzard, where he worked for three years before joining the team at Riot Games. He currently works at Riot as a 3D Artist.

Servando also came back to Gnomon in September for the Anatomy Lab, where he revealed his digital-painting pipeline for fully rendered Illustrations in Photoshop. Watch the event here.

For more of Servando’s awesome work, click here and be sure to check out other alumni success stories.

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