Students Working in Library


The Library & Learning Resource Center is a place for inquiry, inspiration, and innovation. We provide resources and materials that support the educational, professional, and personal information needs of our students, faculty, and staff. The Library collection is growing and includes course-related and professional resources such as books, access to online databases, trade industry magazines, and newspapers all collected to reflect the diversity and richness of art, design, and digital production courses offered by the college.

Online Resources

The Gnomon Library subscribes to select online databases to provide credible and authoritative information. While on-campus, just click the link of the database you want to explore to get started. To access any of these databases from home, please speak with your instructor or contact the librarian for login instructions. Thank you!

Citation Guides

Check out these online citation guides to learn more about how to credit sources, what sources need to be cited, and the format for each citation type.

Industry-Related Resources

Browse art and image websites, as well as sites linking to open access scholarly articles, career, and professional association information. All resources are available without login or other account registration requirements.