Join us on Saturday, October 22nd, at 1 PM (PDT) for an inspiring afternoon session that will introduce artists to the craft of designing for 3D printing. The panel of experts will bring together a diverse group of digital designers along with Formlabs’ Education Specialist, Jordan Pelovitz, to reveal the modeling methodologies, design benefits, successes and failures, and tools used to create awe-inspiring creatures, characters, and hard-surface models. 3D Artists and Designers Daniel Enrique De León, James Marsano, Leo Oliveto, and Shawn Moghadam will share their 3D printing stories, including: how to overcome the fear of embracing new technology; tools for modeling, prepping and finishing 3D-printed objects; tips for experimenting and how to learn from mistakes; as well as artistic approaches to sculpting both realistic and stylized models.

Whether you’re a student, hobbyist or professional, or just curious about 3D printing, the sessions will provide you with a general overview of the 3D printing landscape, reveal the power of using 3D printers for design work, and help inspire and show you how to turn your ideas into products you can hold. RSVP or follow along on Livestream. The speakers will be taking questions from both the stage audience and Livestream viewers during the live event (Tweet questions using #gnomon on Twitter).


1:00 pm – 1:45 pm: Jordan Pelovitz — The 3D Printing Landscape & Modeling Methodologies
1:45 pm – 2:30 pm: Shawn Moghadam — Overcome Fear & Turn Your Ideas into Products
2:30 pm – 3:30 pm: Intermission — Food and Networking
3:30 pm – 4:15 pm: Daniel Enrique De León — A Designer’s Journey: Career Advice for 3D Artists
4:15 pm – 5:00 pm: James Marsano and Leo Oliveto — Sculpting Approaches and Tips for Collectibles
5:00 pm – 5:30 pm: Audience Questions

Interested in studying Advanced Digital Sculpting for 3D Printable Models? Gnomon’s on-campus 10-week courses offer students in-depth training relevant to the demands of the industry.

Guest Speakers

Thumb 1476835371 daniel deleon headshot
Daniel Enrique De León3D Artist / 3D Printing Specialist & Animal Advocate

Daniel is a 3D Artist with experience as a 3D Printing/Fabrication Specialist, Digital Sculptor, and Designer. He blends his interests and expertise in work for film, animation, video games, VR/AR, and prop/set/collectibles design and fabrication. He?s worked for companies and brands including Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilm/ILM, Star Wars, and Jurassic World.

Thumb 1476835428 james marsano headshot
James MarsanoFreelance Sculptor, DC Collectibles

James first started his sculpting journey at the young age of just 16. He later enrolled at Gnomon on the three-year full-time program and graduated in 2014 before embarking on his exciting career in collectibles. He is currently working as a freelance artist for DC Collectibles, where he sculpts character statues for some of today?s most iconic heroes in the DC Cinematic Universe.

Thumb 1476835521 leo oliveto headshot
Leo Oliveto3D Artist, Disney Consumer Products

After receiving a Bachelor?s degree in Film, Leo Oliveto first worked as a compositor in the VFX industry. He then attended the two-year Digital Production for Entertainment program at Gnomon and graduated in 2014. Since then, he has been working as a 3D Modeler and Maya Generalist at Disney Consumer Products for the Character Art team.

Thumb 1476835608 shawn moghadam headshot
Shawn MoghadamDigital Designer and Gnomon Instructor

Shawn's concept work in vehicle and product design has been created for some of the most powerful companies in the industry, from Audi to BMW and Volvo. Combining his traditional design skills with advanced futuristic concepts and an entertainment design philosophy, Shawn also teaches vehicle concept design classes at Gnomon.

Thumb 1476835809 jordan pelovitz headshot
Jordan PelovitzEducation Specialist, Formlabs

Jordan Pelovitz has a background in modeling for both computer graphics and product design. With knowledge in a variety of modeling methodologies, he enjoys developing artistic renderings as well as functional objects. He has worked for indie game projects and professional industrial design studios, and is passionate about the benefits that 3D printing can bring to education and design.

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