Join Gnomon on Saturday, May 30th, for a lineup of live talks by talents from the industry's top game and film studios. Take a journey with Tobias Dahl, Animation Director at DICE, best known for his work on the Battlefield franchise; learn from Tomas Jech, Riot Games' Senior Animator, whose career has led him on an incredible path from Pixar to games; and check out the talents of Yvain Gnabro, the Annie Award-winning animator who currently works for Blur Studio and has ILM and Pixomondo fame under his belt. Meet these top artists, grow your network, and pitch your burning questions.

Whether you're a professional or aspiring animator, student or freelancer, Action: The Animator's Process promises a day of opportunities — from skill-sharing and career-building advice, to networking and meeting the animators behind your favorite projects. If you can't make it to Hollywood, Gnomon will be streaming the full event live.


10:00 am – 11:30 am: Tomas Jech
11:30 am – 1:00 pm: Tobias Dahl
1:00 pm – 2:30 pm: Yvain Gnabro

Guest Speakers

Thumb 1432331972 tomas jech
Tomas JechSenior Animator at Riot Games

Tomas Jech is a professional animator in the video games industry. He currently holds the position of Senior Animator at Riot Games on League of Legends. Prior to joining Riot, he interned in animation at Pixar, animated on Halo: Reach at Bungie Studios, and was an animator at Blizzard Entertainment.

Thumb 1432332026 yvain gnabro
Yvain GnabroSenior Animator at Blur Studio

Yvain Gnabro has worked as a previz artist and character animator for a number of film, game and commercial studios including the Mill, Psyop, MPC, Framestore, Pixomondo, ILM, and Blur. His credits include League of Legends, Sunset Overdrive, The Elder Scrolls, Batman, Halo, and Die Hard 4, among many others. He is currently a character animator at Blur Studio.

Thumb 1432761208 tobias dahl
Tobias DahlAnimation Director at DICE

Tobias Dahl is an Animation Director at DICE and a graduate of The University of Gavle. With over 18 years of professional experience, Tobias has worked as an Animation Director and Lead Animator on titles such as Medal of Honor, Mirrors Edge, and the Battlefield Franchise.

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