Have you ever wanted to combine your passion for visual effects with a social media platform, such as YouTube, but weren’t sure where to start? Wonder no more.

Daniel Hashimoto, creator of the Action Movie Kid YouTube channel, will give a behind-the-scenes look at the creation process of an Action Movie Kid episode from start to finish. Hashimoto will show the step-by-step pipeline, utilizing software and tools such as: After Effects, Maximo.com, Cinema 4D, and Video Copilot's Element 3D.

This visual effects-focused presentation by an industry veteran will showcase camera tracking, converting assets into an object sequence, and tips and tricks the speaker has learned in his decade-plus career. The presentation will then be followed by a Q&A.

This is a livestream-only event. You can watch the live stream on our Twitch Channel.

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Guest Speakers

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Daniel HashimotoCreator of Action Movie Kid

For nearly a decade, Daniel “Hashi” Hashimoto worked for DreamWorks Animation's visual development team. Since 2014, Hashi has been using his VFX skills to turn his young son, James’ playtime into the viral web-series "Action Movie Kid" with over a million followers across social media. He's partnered with Disney, Lucasfilm, Warner Brothers, Target and Toys 'R' Us in commercial campaigns and is now a Senior Content Creator at Red Giant, creating their series "Cheap Tricks". Hashi still consults for animation studios on upcoming feature film projects and is developing new and fun ideas with his writing partners.

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