Join us Friday, June 4th for an exclusive interview with costume concept artist Gina DeDomenico!

Gina is an industry veteran with over three decades of experience, and we're thrilled to welcome her to a Gnomon livestream as we explore the world of costume concept art. During this event, Gina will demonstrate how she incorporates a 3D base into her digital process for costume concept art, showing behind the scenes work from a recent, personal project.

Our host, Adam Hartel, will talk with Gina about what it was like to begin her career as a traditional artist before learning digital workflows as an industry artist. She will also discuss how that digital workflow has become an integral component to her work as a costume concept artist for film and TV shows including Watchmen, Lovecraft Country, A Star is Born, A Wrinkle in Time, and the DC streaming universe. Put on your snazziest costume and get ready to ask Gina your questions in the chat!

Immediately following the interview, Adam will share a brief talk on how Gnomon is training artists for careers in film, games, and animation. The Virtual Info Session will cover:

  • Careers for artists in digital production
  • Educational Options + Curriculum
  • How you can prepare to pursue training at Gnomon
  • How to Apply

Watch the stream on the Gnomon Twitch Channel, YouTube Channel, and Facebook Live on Friday, June 4th at 11:00 a.m. PDT.

Events with closed captioning are available via the Gnomon Facebook Live page.


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Guest Speakers

Gina DeDomenicoCostume Concept Artist

Gina DeDomenico-Flanagan c.d.g, is one of the industry’s most prolific Costume Concept Artists, having worked on blockbuster films such as A Star is Born, The Hateful Eight, Django Unchained, The Magnificent 7, The Help, Jumanji, and Pitch Perfect. She has also worked on popular television shows such as The Boys, Titans, American Horror Story, Preacher, Grace and Frankie, and For All Mankind. Beyond film and TV, Gina has lent her talents to stars like John Legend, Lionel Richie, Madonna, Earth, Wind & Fire, and Barry Manilow, illustrating costumes for their various tours.

Gina started her career in the industry after graduating from Parsons School of Design in New York, where she was awarded the Bob Mackie Gold Thymbol award for her achievements. Following graduation, she began as a Fashion Design assistant which eventually led her to a movie set, where she discovered Costume Illustration for film and TV.

Even in her pre-digital years, Gina was considered the industry’s top Illustrator. Working for Oscar award winning designer Ruth Carter on projects such as Malcom X and Amistad, as well as being the go-to illustrator for fan favorites such as Star Trek First Contact, Galaxy Quest, and Escape from LA. Gina then left the industry for ten years to raise her three daughters.

Today, Gina is a regular Concept Artist for the DC Streaming Universe, working on 5 shows simultaneously. She also lends her skills to UCLA, teaching classes on Illustration and Digital Illustration. She attends the San Diego Comic Con annually, and speaks on panels discussing Concept Artistry and suit design for superhero characters.

Adam HartelGnomon Host

As Recruiter, Adam travels to high schools, community colleges, and trade shows to educate prospective students about Gnomon’s academic options and provide information about careers in the entertainment industry. With over two decades of experience working in nonprofit, Adam has used his skills in visual art, photography, and design to create socially conscious initiatives in collaboration with art students and professionals. He has lived and worked abroad in Norway and the Netherlands while traveling Europe as a community developer and public speaker. Adam holds a Bachelor of Arts from LIFE Pacific University.

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