Take your ZBrush sculpts from the digital world to the real world. In this presentation, Paul Gaboury will focus on features in ZBrush that allow you to 3D print for any industry, including collectibles, toys, jewelry, miniatures, product design, and more. With a focus on the process of creating toys and collectibles, this presentation will take an in-depth journey into the various key tricks and tips found in ZBrush for 3D printing.

Paul will cover the basics of ZBrush for 3D printing, including how the 3D Print Hub and Scale Master plug-ins can be used for setting the scale of your project, how to hollow out a mesh, creating snap joints, and creating simple joints to print for larger outputs. He will also showcase the various ZBrush sculpting features for 3D printing such as Sculptris Pro, LiveBooleans, Insert Mesh brushes, and so much more.

While the techniques Paul uses will center around applications for the Formlabs Form 2 printer, all of the tips and tricks shared throughout this presentation can also be applied to any 3D Printer or CNC machine.

This livestream-only event will be an interactive presentation, featuring a live Q&A throughout the session. Watch the livestream presentation on the Gnomon Twitch Channel.

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Guest Speakers

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Paul GabouryPixologic Lead Product Development Manager & Freelance Digital Toy Artist

Paul is Pixologic’s in-house ZBrush expert and lead development manager. He is responsible for developing and enhancing the digital sculpting pipelines at multiple area studios, working with artists ranging from feature film, game, concept, jewelry designers, to toy designers and much more. As part of the Pixologic team for 12+ years, Paul will also travel to various studios and schools, giving live demos and offering educational and artistic support. Paul is also a freelance artist for the toy industry, with clients that include Hasbro Inc, Disney Consumer Products and Topps. He is also a ZBrush instructor at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects, Games & Animation.

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