Houston Sharp, one of the talented artists responsible for Wonder Woman’s celebrated mural paintings, will detail the creation of the classical-style panels at Gnomon School on Thursday, July 13th. Working with Director, Patty Jenkins, and a highly talented crew of artists at Aaron Sims Creative, Houston Sharp (Art Director) helped realize a very specific look for the paintings featured in the hit movie. Incorporating actors from the film to beautifully depict the history of the Amazon women warriors and describe their relationship to the gods, the animated murals were an important sequence seen early in the movie. Houston will discuss the work that went into the paintings for Wonder Woman, as well as the design work he contributed to Ares in the final battle scene.

An illustrator and concept artist from Los Angeles, Houston will discuss his professional skills and industry experience, the importance of traditional and 3D foundations, and will conclude with a digital painting demo that will reveal his complete workflow when approaching an illustration, from start to finish. Concept artists, illustrators, and 3D artists alike will benefit from Houston’s workflow tips and techniques, while movie fans and budding artists will gain inspiration from the remarkable work that goes into bringing directors’ visions to life for the big screen.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet and learn from Houston in person: RSVP today. If you can’t make it to the live event, be sure to tune in live on Livestream (no RSVP required to watch online). Livestream viewers can pitch questions during the live event using #gnomon on Twitter.


7:30 pm – 9:00 pm: Illustrating the History of Wonder Woman: Digital Painting with Houston Sharp
9:00 pm – 9:30 pm: Audience Questions + Meet the Speaker

About Aaron Sims Creative

Aaron Sims Creative (ASC) is a development, design, and visual effects studio led by legendary creature and concept designer, Aaron Sims. ASC champions a design-first approach that develops iconic characters from concept to on-screen debut via their 'Sketch 2 Screen' pipeline, resulting in unforgettable creatures, worlds, and visual storytelling. Learn more at www.aaronsimscreative.com.

The mural paintings in Wonder Woman were created by:

Art Direction: Raffy Ochoa, Houston Sharp
Mt. Olympus Design/Panel Stitching: Houston Sharp
Panel Artists: Houston Sharp, Igor Sid, Piotr Jablonski, Yuriy Chemezov, Roman Kupriyanov, Eve Ventrue, Max Schulz, Didier Konings
Original Mural Artist: Raffy Ochoa

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Guest Speakers

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Houston SharpLead Concept Artist and Illustrator, Aaron Sims Creative

Houston Sharp is an accomplished and ambitious illustrator and concept artist from Los Angeles, California. He studied Illustration and Entertainment Design at Art Center College of Design while supplementing his education with hired mentors and self-teaching to attain the level he desired to conquer. A traditional artist, sculptor, digital painter (Photoshop), and 3D artist (ZBrush, Modo), Houston currently works as a Lead Concept Artist and Illustrator at Aaron Sims Creative in Burbank, California.

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