Join us on November 20th to learn all about our new Visual Effects Animation concentration during an interview with Education Lead Beau Janzen. Combining decades of experience in visual effects production and education, Beau and our Education team have created a dynamic curriculum option that will allow students to dive even deeper into specialized effects courses that were previously unavailable in the BFA program.

Beau will be joined by Gnomon host Adam Hartel as they discuss the fundamentals of visual effects, what differentiates this concentration, and how it fits into our current curriculum. If you’re a current student or are planning to enroll, this stream will be the perfect opportunity to learn about the new areas of study you’ll be able to explore.

Beau will also highlight some amazing VFX projects and detail how students can create their own through two new courses (including “Virtual Production,” which will allow students to explore the technical processes used in incorporating the virtual reality toolset for previsualization, virtual cameras, and real-time lighting and integration).

This livestream-only event will also feature a 30-minute Q&A session with Beau at the end of the presentation. Watch the livestream on the Gnomon Twitch Channel, YouTube Channel, and Facebook Live.


Gnomon's full-time programs and 10-week individual courses are designed to develop well-rounded artists that are skilled in the diverse disciplines within 3D production. For those outside of the US, virtual classroom-style online courses are also available.

Guest Speakers

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Beau JanzenGnomon VFX Education Lead

As VFX Education Lead, Beau is responsible for developing curriculum for Gnomon’s VFX courses. Beau makes a continuous assessment of the visual effects industry and ensures that Gnomon’s scholastic pursuits are meeting these technical and artistic standards. Through exposure to industry professionals as well as a decade creating curriculum for postsecondary technological art-making institutions, Beau helps foster high-level specialty skills-sets, while still providing a broad view of the production pipeline so students understand their own integration into a visual effects team.

He has over twenty five years of experience in visual effects production and has served on such projects as Game of Thrones, Westworld, Stranger Things, The Walking Dead, Batman vs Superman, Man of Steel, the VFX Oscar-winning Life of Pi, and won an Emmy for his CG supervision on the show Gotham.

Beau also provides mentorship to students and works with Gnomon’s faculty to foster communication across all programs. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from Ball State University, and a master's degree from the University of Kentucky in Instructional Systems Design.

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Adam HartelGnomon Host

As a Gnomon host, Adam travels to high schools, community colleges, and trade shows to educate prospective students about Gnomon’s academic options and provide information about careers in the entertainment industry. With over two decades of experience working in nonprofit, Adam has used his skills in visual art, photography, and design to create socially conscious initiatives in collaboration with art students and professionals. He has lived and worked abroad in Norway and the Netherlands while traveling Europe as a community developer and public speaker.

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