Join us Thursday, June 17th for an evening with the Marvelous Designer team and guest artist Vichar B.N. as we explore the world of 3D garment-making! Marvelous Designer is a popular software used to create dynamic 3D clothing for video games, 3D art, films and more. Eric Hinkley, MD's Business Development Manager and Megan Dellario, 3D Designer and Community Manager for MD, will explain how the software is used by both digital sculptors and designers with a background in pattern making.

Eric and Megan will also share artwork from various projects that have used Marvelous Designer, including Baulder's Gate and Far Cry 6! Following that, they will jump into a short technical demonstration of some of MD’s best practice recommendations for some of their features including cloth simulation and pattern creation.

Our special guest, master digital sculptor Vichar B.N., will then walk viewers through his work and the various ways in which he has used Marvelous Designer to create and augment his 3D work. From a traditional approach to a hybrid method of incorporating a third-party software, Vichar will share how MD can be a valuable tool when it comes to concept sculpting and 3D printing. Be sure to come with plenty of questions; Eric, Megan, and Vichar will conclude the livestream with a Q&A!

Watch the stream on the Gnomon Twitch Channel, YouTube Channel, and Facebook Live on Thursday, June 17th at 7:30 pm PDT.

Events with closed captioning are available via the Gnomon Facebook Live page.


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Guest Speakers

Vichar B.N.Department Director for Games at Technicolor Bengaluru

Vichar is a skilled and experienced 3D professional with 15+ years of combined experience in production and gaming. He also has 10+ years of experience in traditional art, clay, sculpting, stone, metal, painting, illustration, landscape gardening, restoration, art installation, and knowledge on various special effects makeup.

Eric HinkleyBusiness Development Manager at Marvelous Designer - Americas

Eric began working for CLO Virtual Fashion as the US Business Development Manager for Marvelous Designer in the summer of 2020. Previously he was employed by various boutique entertainment and design companies as a 3D Generalist from 2008. Equally enthusiastic about video games and fashion, he’s thrilled to put users in touch with the resources they need to create their best designs.

His professional background includes design and leadership work in mobile and desktop games, commercials, medical visualization, jewelry design, and large-scale public art.

Megan Dellario3D Designer / Community Manager at Marvelous Designer

As a costumer and seamstress with 17+ years of combined personal and professional experience in pattern and garment creation in CAD Megan enjoys teaching these skills to others who are new to sewing and pattern making. With Marvelous Designer, Megan has been able to merge the experience in 3D with classic fashion techniques to teach skills applicable to both the apparel and CG industries.

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