Join us Thursday, September 3 as Gnomon welcomes visualization studio The Third Floor and virtual production company Lux Machina for a look at the future of Virtual Production. Are we seeing the end of traditional filmmaking? The world is changing and so is production. The film and television industries are adopting new ways of creating content by including faster tech, real-time pipelines and LED stages. Join the speakers as they explore the new wave of Virtual Production, opportunities, and how they are creating differently with The Third Floor and Lux Machina.

During this panel, the speakers will focus on the way that new technology, real-time and LED workflows are influencing filmmakers, production, creatives and studios to think outside the box. The speakers will cover creative advantages from a technical perspective throughout this discussion. The panel will define Virtual Production as a different way of thinking about production rather than solely a technology. The speakers will highlight the latest workflows and opportunities that are arising around the power of game engine and the future of production.

This livestream-only event will feature a 30-minute Q&A session at the end of the panel discussion. Watch the livestream presentation on the Gnomon Twitch Channel, YouTube Channel, and Facebook Live.

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Guest Speakers

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Dane SmithVice President - The Third Floor

Dane Smith has more than 18 years of experience as a producer and innovator in visual effects and digital entertainment production. Across his career, Smith has managed the delivery of over 100 studio and independent projects ranging from live-action and animated features, to television series and emerging media platforms, including the motion pictures: Deadpool, Warcraft, Transformers: Age of Extinction, The Last Jedi, Aquaman, Captain Marvel among others. As an OTT Production manager, he has produced work for top episodic shows such as Game of Thrones, The Man in the High Castle and Star Trek.

Smith was visual effects producer on the acclaimed stop-motion animated feature Anomalisa, which received an Academy Award nomination for Best Animated Feature Film, as well as Golden Globe and Annie Award nominations, in 2016. Smith has also contributed to the evolution of 3D stereoscopic production and conversion with projects like Deepsea Challenge for James Cameron, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 and 2 and Titanic. In 2015, he expanded his interests to virtual reality, producing VR-presented episodes of Stan Lee and Kapow Entertainment’s Cosmic Crusaders VR, and winning a 2017 Telly award n the process. His development of business platforms for VR and AR have included work with Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures, The UFC, and many major brands.

In his spare time, he educates and inspires the next generation of digital Artists as a faculty member at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects and is a managing member of the VES and the Producers Guild of America. Smith is currently an Author and Editor of the 2020 VES Handbook, the VFX industry text for working professionals.

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Phil GallerCo-Founder and Co-CEO of Lux Machina

Phil Galler is the Co-founder and Co-CEO of Lux Machine. Phil has been one of the industry leaders in bringing the benefits of technology like real-time rendering, high-end media servers, automated lighting, LED and projection systems to broadcast and film projects, as well as themed entertainment attractions. With a deep understanding of the underlying pipelines technologies and tools available, he’s composed cutting edge virtual production solutions for cinematographers, lighting designers and producers. Starting his career at PRG Los Angeles, he became well versed in production technology, and later started Lux Machina alongside Zach Alexander, to share his knowledge and experience as a production facing workflow specialist. Phil has been instrumental in growing the adoption of interactive, immersive onset lighting for virtual production, and he has extensive knowledge of motion picture and broadcast sets – from the intricacies of acquisition through post-production. Phil worked with ILM and the Unreal Engine team on the in-camera VFX techniques used for The Mandalorian, including getting organic, realistic reflections on sets - without going on location.

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Chris WilliamsVisualization Supervisor - The Third Floor

Chris started his career in visual effects as a digital artists and grew to become a Digital Effects Supervisor working on various projects including Sky Captain and World of Tomorrow. Chris went on to co-founded Unit Eleven where he served as Previs Lead on the Transformers franchise with Michael Bay and went on to work on an additional five Bay films. Chris has a wealth of supervising expertise from Justice League to Gemini Man and most recently leveraging game engine tech on The Mandalorian.

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Steve TomVirtual Production Supervisor - The Third Floor

Steve is a long time veteran of the virtual production world, having been in and around real-time visualization productions since the days of Avatar. Since starting his career as a character rigger in 2007 Steven has since worked in features, AAA video games, and most recently OTT series such as The Mandelorian. His expertise as a Virtual Production Supervisor focuses on the on-set deployment of real-time tools such as simulcam, motion control, virtual cameras, and motion capture.

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Lara CawseyBusiness Development Manager - The Third Floor

Lara's passion for emerging technology and practical experience on set has given her a unique advantage point towards the horizon of new technology. Lara's tactical solutions and application of virtual production, mixed reality, and AI have created value for the TTF partners.

Cawsey has been working in the film and television industry for ten years. While working on Hollywood blockbusters including the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, her experience has spanned from development to production roles all around the globe. As the forefront of New Business, she continues to strategically align technology and storytellers to help facilitate THE THIRD FLOOR’s support of film, television and emerging immersive spaces.

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