Join us on Thursday, November 11th for an evening with Aaron Sims Creative!

ASC continues to evolve with the latest innovations in VFX and believes the future is in UNREAL.

During this livestream event, Aaron will be joined by ASC Creative Director Steffen Reichstadt as they share the experience of partnering with Epic Games for the latest launch of Unreal Engine 5. Viewers will hear about how the company played an integral role in creating the early access demo, Valley of the Ancient, and peel back the curtain on its most ambitious project to date – THE EYE: CALANTHEK.

Accomplished in only six weeks, an in-depth review into the making of this short will expose the challenges and many rewards of working in Unreal, from writing and mocap to the latest capabilities of UE 5.

With a storied history dating back to the early days of VFX, Founder and CEO Aaron Sims and his team at ASC have witnessed firsthand how the industry has changed with the times, and where it’s headed next. Diving into the production process of its most recent projects, Aaron will share how the adoption of Unreal Engine into its production pipeline has made it a liberating and powerful creative tool for storytelling.

Be sure to stick around for the entire stream to watch a trailer for THE EYE, see exclusive artwork, and ask the ASC team questions about filmmaking using Unreal!

Events with closed captioning are available via Gnomon Facebook Page.


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Guest Speakers

Aaron SimsFounder & CEO, Aaron Sims Creative

Aaron Sims began his legendary career over three decades ago as a special effects artist working under industry giants Rick Baker and Stan Winston (Evil Dead, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Men In Black, A.I., War of the Worlds). As a critical voice in the making of some of the most memorable and iconic movie creatures of all time, his techniques in the world of visual effects helped influence the face of character and concept design for film and television early on in their application. From the early days of prosthetics and simple puppets in the 80’s, through the animatronics and emerging CG of the 90’s, to the latest advancements in VR and real-time VFX, Sims remains at the forefront of artistic and technical innovation. In 2005, Aaron Sims Creative was formed with the sole purpose of bringing together the world’s most talented concept and visual effects artists to create and realize unforgettable characters, creatures and environments for all platforms of visual entertainment (Stranger Things, The Planet of the Apes Trilogy, Wonder Woman). Aaron’s unparalleled skill and dedication to creating consistently stunning content has made ASC the premiere boutique studio for creature and franchise design & development.

Recently, ASC has teamed up with Epic Games for a series of high-profile projects, including the latest Unreal Engine 5 demo, Valley of the Ancient. Most notably, ASC just released THE EYE: CALANTHEK, a short film produced entirely in UE5 and completed in only six weeks. The film made its world debut in Fortnite’s Shortnitemares film festival in late October 2021. Aaron recognizes the power and efficiency of real-time workflows and considers Unreal Engine to be the ultimate tool for the modern storyteller and the next great leap in creative technology.

Steffen ReichstadtCreative Director, Aaron Sims Creative

Trained as a traditional fine artist and oil painter, Steffen moved to Los Angeles and joined Aaron Sims Creative in 2008, where he currently serves as creative director. With a hands-on approach to overseeing the stable of talented artists at ASC, Steffen’s experience is reflected in an impressive list of credits that includes blockbuster feature films, TV, and video game releases. In addition to his executive role, Steffen continues to work as a lead concept artist for the company and has directly contributed to and managed hundreds of projects over the last 13 years.

Josh Herman Chief Creative Officer, Gnomon

Josh comes to Gnomon with a decade of experience in film, television, and games. As an alumnus of Gnomon’s Certificate in Digital Production Program, he has worked as a Creative Director, Art Director, and Character Designer for prestigious studios such as Marvel Studios, Naughty Dog, Legacy Effects and Cloud Imperium Games. Josh loves to “pay it forward” by teaching classes and workshops where he can help continue the education of others so they can find their passions like he did, at Gnomon. Josh is a graduate of Westwood College and has a Bachelor of Science in Animation.

Josh continues to work on personal projects exploring ideas for films, graphic novels and tabletop games. Some of his professional projects include The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor: Ragnarok, Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception, and Star Citizen.

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