On Thursday, November 19th, join Senior VFX Supervisor and Producer Everett Burrell for a behind-the-scenes look at the Emmy-nominated Netflix series The Umbrella Academy.

We’re thrilled to welcome Everett back to Gnomon to provide a behind-the-scenes look at the visual effects and storytelling of The Umbrella Academy, season two. Everett will take you on an expansive journey into the massive team effort to recreate Dallas, Texas in the 1960s. He’ll also break down the process for bringing a talking goldfish to life, putting a baby chimp in space and dealing with an unplanned snow storm in Ontario nicknamed “Snowmageddon.”

Whether you’re interested in creating visual effects for television or you think you may also have some super-powered siblings out there somewhere, this event will bring you right into the action with Everett’s exclusive footage.

This livestream-only event will also feature a 30-minute Q&A session with Everett at the end of the presentation. Watch the livestream on the Gnomon Twitch Channel, YouTube Channel, and Facebook Live.

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Guest Speakers

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Everett BurrellSenior VFX Supervisor, Producer and 2nd Unit Director

There was nothing unusual about a boy growing up in the community of 1970s Orange County, California to look to the night stars and wonder: What if? Fueled by genre television like “The Twilight Zone”, and “The Outer Limits”, Everett Burrell did just that. But unlike so many that allow the machinery of their imaginations to disintegrate, Everett never let go of his child-like daydreams or his sense of wonder.

As his experience and skills evolved to higher levels of responsibility, Everett found himself the go-to effects supervisor for directors like Frank Darabont, who needed to create an invasion of monsters for “The Mist” within the constraints of his budget, while for director, Ridley Scott, Everett helped reveal the mysteries and horrors of the “Prometheus” expedition.

Most recently Everett has been connected with Netflix as the production visual effects supervisor for “Altered Carbon” season one. This was a science fiction epic for Netflix that took almost 2 years to complete and was nominated for an Emmy, Outstanding Special Visual Effects. After the success of “Altered Carbon” Everett was moved up to associate producer and visual effects supervisor on season one of “The Umbrella Academy." For season two of “The Umbrella Academy” Everett was once again promoted to 2nd Unit Director, Co-Producer and Senior Visual Effects Supervisor. As well as gaining another Emmy nomination for Outstanding Special Visual Effects for “The Umbrella Academy” season one.

Whether transporting actor, Ben Stiller, to the Himalayan mountains in “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” to coordinating a full-scale, alien attack of Los Angeles (shot in Shreveport, Louisiana!) for “Battle: L.A”., to delivering ultra-realistic WWII battle scenes for “Fury," Everett Burrell continues to bring his love for film, his years of experience, and his eye for the fantastic.

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Adam HartelGnomon Representative

As a Gnomon representative, Adam travels to high schools, community colleges, and trade shows to educate prospective students about Gnomon’s academic options and provide information about careers in the entertainment industry. With over two decades of experience working in nonprofit, Adam has used his skills in visual art, photography, and design to create socially conscious initiatives in collaboration with art students and professionals. He has lived and worked abroad in Norway and the Netherlands while traveling Europe as a community developer and public speaker.

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