The Art of God of War 2018 is a celebration of the extraordinary creative talent that contributed to the making of a Sony masterpiece. The Gallery Opening Reception on June 16th will mark the beginning of Santa Monica Studio’s official art release. The impressive collection of striking concepts and character designs, magnificently detailed ZBrush sculpts, and epic environments, will illustrate the sheer scale of the game experience and the force of its imposing characters. In addition to the printed works on display, Santa Monica Studio’s craftmanship in animation, breakables, and FX can be explored across multiple screens, while various maquettes will offer a glimpse into the preliminary character work that went into mastering the fastest-selling PlayStation-exclusive game on the market.

The Gallery Opening Reception will kick off at the Gnomon Gallery following The Making of God of War event at the Gnomon Stage, which features talks by Rafael Grassetti, Dela Longfish, Erica Pinto, Axel Grossman, Luke Berliner, and Nate Stephens. Please note: tickets for the talks have sold out.


7:30 PM – 11:00 PM: The Art of God of War Gallery Opening Reception
The Gallery Show will remain on display through to July 31, 2018. Check opening hours.


If you can’t make it to Hollywood, be sure to visit ArtStation from June 18th to see a flood of artwork from the many artists that contributed to God of War at Santa Monica Studio. And tune into Gnomon’s Livestream channel from 4 PM PT to watch The Making of God of War event live from the Gnomon Stage.

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Gnomon Gallery was founded in 2008 by Gnomon School Founder and CEO, Alex Alvarez, as a venue to showcase the incredible artwork produced by talented artists working in the fields of visual effects, animation, and games. The gallery has exhibited artwork by industry legends including Iain McCaig, Dylan Cole, Neville Page, Terryl Whitlatch, and studios such as Naughty Dog, Industrial Light and Magic, Marvel Studios, and many more.

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