Over the past decade, the entertainment industry has continued to grow with a steady demand for qualified artists. The Entertainment Design Track is a suggested arrangement of courses that Gnomon has developed to help budding artists develop their foundational art skills, build their portfolio and prepare for further post-secondary study in the areas of visual effects, games and animation. This track is ideal for students interested in beginning their education in 2D or 3D art, or applying to a Gnomon program in the future.

  • One year of full-time study
  • Core foundation for aspiring 2D and 3D artists
  • Industry-relevant curriculum and training
  • Private tours of local production studios
  • Courses transferrable into Gnomon programs*

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Registration for 2015 Fall Term ends Friday, October 16th, 2015Academic Calendar


The Entertainment Design Track consists of four terms of intensive drawing and design education, as well as art history courses applicable to the film and games industries.

Term 1
  • Photoshop for Digital Production
  • Figure Drawing
  • Overview of Visual Effects and Games
  • Perspective
  • Visual Communications 1
  • Art History 1
  • Drawing Design Lab 1
  • Drawing Lab 1
Term 2
  • Visual Communications 2
  • Anatomy
  • Costumed Figure Drawing
  • Graphic Design
  • Character Sculpture 1
  • Art History 2
  • Sculpture Lab 1
  • Drawing Lab 2
Term 3
  • Zoological Drawing
  • Storyboarding
  • Character Design
  • Product Design
  • Color Theory and Light
  • Design History
  • Digital Design Lab 2
  • Drawing Lab 3
Term 4
  • Digital Painting
  • Creature Design
  • Environment Design
  • Vehicle Design
  • Character Sculpture 2
  • Film History
  • Digital Design Lab 3
  • Drawing Lab 4
Note: This is a sample curriculum and is subject to change.
*See our school catalog for more information.