2022 Summer Best of Term Winners Announced

2022 Summer Best of Term Winners Announced

We are excited to announce our Summer 2022 Best of Term winners! 

The BOT competition highlights the incredible work our students create throughout Gnomon’s full-time programs and individual courses. We've been hosting this contest for over 15 years and are always filled with both pride and awe to see students share such polished, well-executed art projects. Students are encouraged to submit work they created in our online and on-campus courses. 

"It's always rewarding to see so much fantastic work coming from the students," Gnomon Director of Education, Max Dayan, said. "The only tricky part is that the judging gets more and more challenging every term because the work continues to impress us."

Congrats to our Grand Prize winner Sebastian Mora! Sebastian, who is on track to graduate from our Certificate in Digital Production program this year, won for "Character - Realism" based on a concept by Vyoum Kushwaha. 

"The portrait that won this term is just stunning," Dayan said. Seeing that much emotion and storytelling in a still brings this work to a whole other level."

This term, we showcased 24 category winners in a variety of disciplines including live-action effects, look development, creature animation, storyboarding, game environment, and much more. Kudos to our winners and thank you to everyone who submitted! Keep that passion going and be sure to enter next term. As Max Dayan, Wayne Gretzky, and Michael Scott say "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take (i.e. "If you don't enter, you definitely won't win the contest.")! 

The full list of winners is shown below, and you can see all our Summer '22 BOT winners' artwork here!

  • Grand Prize Winner

    Sebastian Mora – Character Realism

  • Animation Winners

    Michelle Lumowa – Animation – Creature
    Marah Wessendorf – Animation – Dialogue
    Alex White – Animation – Games
    Sam Spicher – Animation Mechanics
    Berkeley Braun & Bavly Hanna – Animation – Scene

  • Character Winners

    Roman Schmelzer – Character – Games
    Lincoln Lee – Character – Hardsurface
    Connor Lee – Character – Scene
    Rain Rouhani & Sasha Honcharova – Character – Stylized

  • Effects Winners

    Ahmed Mohamed – Effects – Fluids
    Dakota Smith – Effects – Live Action
    Dakota Smith – Effects – Look Development
    Josh Karlin – Effects – Pyro
    You Jin Chung – Effects – Water

  • Environment Winners

    Jillian Ubando – Environment – Exterior
    John Chung – Environment – Games
    David Eisenstadt – Environment – Stylized

  • Grooming Winner

    Alena Mealy – Grooming

  • Hard Surface Modeling Winner

    Rongbing Cao – Hardsurface Modeling

  • Lighting & Rendering Winner

    Megan Strazisar – Lighting & Rendering

  • Look Development Winner

    Ethan Clark – Look Development

  • Storyboarding Winner

    Sonya Chelombieva – Storyboarding

  • Texturing & Shading Winner

    Elizaveta Gaevaya – Texturing & Shading

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