Gnomon Launches New BFA Concentration in Visual Effects


The Winter 2021 term is right around the corner, and we have an exciting announcement to lead us into the new year. Gnomon is thrilled to introduce a new concentration in Visual Effects Animation within our Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree program. The BFA curriculum is designed to provide students with a 3D generalist education that prepares them to work as digital artists within the VFX, games, and animation industries.

Similar to our Games concentration, students in the VFX track will now have access to upper-level classes that were previously unavailable in the BFA. For a complete look at the curriculum breakdown, click here.

In addition to opening up courses in Dynamic Effects and Houdini, the VFX concentration also offers two new classes: Principles of VFX and Virtual Production. Students will learn the history of VFX and how the process evolved into the tools we use today as well as gain an understanding of the process for shooting live-action against virtual environments.

We’re proud of all the hard work our faculty and staff have put in to make this concentration another pathway to ensure our students become industry-ready artists. Our Educational leads have crafted a curriculum that not only allows students to better understand how visual effects impact story but also helps them explore the technical processes used in incorporating the virtual reality toolset for previsualization, virtual cameras, and real-time lighting and integration.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to visual effects creation, and we are ready to dive into it all with our VFX Education lead, Beau Janzen, on Friday, November 20th. If you’re interested in learning how to create mesmerizing scenes that feature explosion effects, fire effects, water effects, and more, join us for a detailed look at the new concentration during a live stream event. Beau will give you all the ins and outs and answer any questions during a Q&A following the presentation.

The deadline for our BFA Spring 2021 term is January 29th, 2021, so be sure to reach out to an Admissions Advisor today to learn all about how the VFX concentration can help you become a successful industry artist.

Join us on November 20th to learn all about our new Visual Effects Animation concentration during an interview with Education Lead Beau Janzen. Combining decades of experience in visual effects production and education, Beau and our Education team have created a dynamic curriculum option that will allow students to dive even deeper into specialized effects courses that were previously unavailable in the BFA program.

Beau will be joined by Gnomon host Adam Hartel as they discuss the fundamentals of visual effects, what differentiates this concentration, and how it fits into our current curriculum. If you’re a current student or are planning to enroll, this stream will be the perfect opportunity to learn about the new areas of study you’ll be able to explore.

Beau will also highlight some amazing VFX projects and detail how students can create their own through two new courses (including “Virtual Production,” which will allow students to explore the technical processes used in incorporating the virtual reality toolset for previsualization, virtual cameras, and real-time lighting and integration).

This livestream-only event will also feature a 30-minute Q&A session with Beau at the end of the presentation. Watch the livestream on the Gnomon Twitch Channel, YouTube Channel, and Facebook Live.

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