Gnomon Wins Big at This Year's Rookie Awards!

2022 Rookies

The 12th Annual Rookie Awards recently announced its finalists and winners, and we were thrilled to see such a strong Gnomon showing.

The Rookie Awards is the world’s leading contest for aspiring creatives in Games, Animation, Visual Effects, Immersive Media, Motion Graphics, and 3D Visualization.

Gnomon's Director of Education, Max Dayan encourages every student to take advantage of the visibility that the Rookies offer.

“The Rookies allow students to get their work in front of hundreds if not thousands of industry professionals and studios,” he said. “There isn't another platform for an aspiring artist with the level of opportunity and exposure that the Rookies contest provides.”

This year, the competition racked up 4,405 entries, from 524 schools in 91 countries and gave aspiring artists the opportunity to connect with fellow creatives and have their work reviewed by the pros!

Special shoutouts to Kris Yu (Rookie of the Year Winner - Game Development), Bavly Hanna (People's Choice Award - VFX), and Michael Assous (Career Development Winner - DNEG) as well as our Highly Commended 3D Animation recipients Claudia Luehl, Michael Assous, and Thomas Proux!

“I'm incredibly proud of all of the Gnomon Rookies winners, and equally impressed by all the students who are terms or years away from graduation who entered,” Max said. “Seeing the quality and confidence of our students is inspiring, and I know we will see even more winners next year.”

Congratulations to all our finalists and winners! We are incredibly proud of the accomplishments of our talented students and know the recognitions will continue to roll in! Check out to view all of the amazing entries. The Rookies site is vast and wide, so please let us know if we missed any Gnomon student winners!

Gnomon Rookies Highlights:

Kris Yu, Bavly Hanna, Michael Assous, Claudia Luehl, Thomas Proux, Wen Sun, Dakota Smith, Yifan Wang, Kevin Soltany, Crystal Xie, Benji Tran, Renata Kunicki, Ethan Clarke, Daniel Lee, David Eisenstadt, Dylan Hesselbacker, Sisa Chiang, John Chung, Cam Drain, Nick Demas, Grayson Cotrell, Misha Draganiuk, Rain Rouhani, Michael Martel, Elizaveta Gaevaya, Bryan Blandine, Ty Manteuffel.

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