Gil has worked as a commercial illustrator/concept designer in the animation, entertainment, advertising, and publishing industries. With over 25 years of work experience in the animation industry, Gil has created background, character, and prop concepts for Disney Feature Animation, Disney Television, Warner Brothers Cartoons, Film Roman Starz, Marvel/Lionsgate, Hanna Barbera, Universal Cartoons, Fred Wolfe Films, Saban Entertainment to name a few. A graduate of the Art Center College of Design he has earned a BFA degree in Illustration and is currently pursuing his MFA online at the Academy of Art S.F.


Hunchback of Notre Dame ( Layout Artist) Disney Feature
Fantasia 2 (Development Concept Artist) Disney Feature
Rescuers Down Under (Development Concept Artist) Disney Feature
Ultimate Avengers 1 & 2 (Background Designer)
Doctor Strange, Ironman, Hulk vs. Wolverine,
Next Avengers, Hulk Planet ( Background & prop design) Marvel/Lionsgate
300 (Concept Designer) Warner Brothers Studios
X-men Evolution (Background & prop design) Film Roman Starz
Mummies, Captain Planet, GI Joe, Carmen San Diego (Background & Prop design) DIC Entertainment

Work Experience

Background Artist, Prop Artist: DIC, Disney TV, WB studios, HB.
Senior Illustrator: Maxx Marketing
Illustrator: Hamagami, Carrol & Associates
Illustrator: Willardson and Associates
Illustrator: State of Hawaii Library Systems


Art Center College of Design, BFA Illustration ‘89
University of Hawaii BFA Graphic Design ‘86