Gnomon’s Foundation in Art & Design provides fundamental art education to students looking to become better artists, build a well-rounded portfolio, and lay the groundwork for further education in digital production or a related field.

The Foundation in Art & Design provides students the opportunity to assess their interest and proficiency in the visual arts while developing the fundamental skills that are essential building blocks to becoming a better artist. Discover the techniques and processes used within art and design across a wide range of creative mediums. From Life Drawing to Digital Painting, students are enrolled in four preparatory individual courses per quarter, up to a year of continuous study.

Foundation in Art and Design courses are not vocational in nature, do not lead to a certificate/diploma, and are outside of institutional accreditation.

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Gnomon's Foundation in Art & Design commences four times per year. Please see the Academic Calendar for important dates and deadlines.

Foundation Roadmap

Note: This is a sample curriculum and is subject to change.

  • Term 1

    Photoshop for Digital Production
    Life Drawing
    Drawing Fundamentals
    Drawing in 3D

  • Term 2

    Digital Painting
    Drawing Fundamentals 2
    Character Sculpture
    Character Design

  • Term 3

    Digital Painting 2
    Animal Drawing
    Prop and Weapon Design
    Color Theory and Light

  • Term 4

    Gesture Drawing
    Creature Design
    Environment Design
    Vehicle and Mech Design

If you are setting out to build a skyscraper, the tallest you can imagine, it can only be as high as the foundation will support. This is also true of the heights of artistic achievement you may desire. Without a solid and broad foundation established, you will be limiting the scale of your dreams.


Neville Page

Concept Designer for Avatar, Star Trek, Star Trek Discovery, Prometheus, and Super 8