Best of Term Winner, Xingchen Yi
Best of Term Winner, Xingchen Yi


Find out which educational path is right for you by speaking with an Admissions Advisor. Through 1-on-1 personalized consultation, advisors can provide advice on how to prepare your portfolio, make recommendations for supportive resources, and create a customized plan to help you accomplish your artistic, academic, and professional goals.

How to Apply

How to Prepare

Increase Your Odds of Success

Did you know that prospective students who meet with an Admissions Advisor early in process have a higher acceptance rate? Advisors are trained artists who can provide mentorship and support in strengthening your portfolio. Explore our How to Prepare section to learn more about how we can help get you started along your journey of becoming a Gnomon student.

Admissions Advisor with Student

I was nervous about applying to Gnomon but so full of joy and excitement when I got accepted. The entire experience from application to graduation was like seeing an anime protagonist grow into an undefeatable hero!

Sasoon Nazari

Sasoon Nazari

BFA Graduate
2021 Winter

Financial Aid & Tuition

Your Dream Can be Affordable

Gnomon is authorized by the government to offer Federal financial aid to those who qualify. Our Financial Aid Advisors can help you determine what you qualify for, even before applying to the program.

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Living in LA

We understand that student housing can be an integral part of your college education. Learning and living in a diverse community of like-minded peers is a transformative experience that can prepare you for your career and a lifetime of making valuable connections. We recommend students begin to explore housing options several months before their expected move-in date. Please see our Housing & Visitor’s Guide for more information.

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