Life Drawing with Charles Hu


View the tuition and fees for Gnomon's Foundation in Art & Design to learn about the cost of your education.

Foundation in Art and Design courses are not vocational in nature, do not lead to a certificate/diploma, and are outside of institutional accreditation.

Tuition & Fees

Quarterly tuition is $2,625.00 per term*, plus a non-refundable Enrollment Fee of $25.00 (not applicable in Term 1).

Payment Options

Registered students will be contacted by the Student Accounts Office with further payment instructions. Tuition payments must be received in full by the first Monday before term start.

Payments can be made using credit cards, checks, wire transfers, or PayPal accounts.

Payment plans are also available. A $75.00 Payment Plan Fee is added to your tuition, then 50% of the new total is collected upfront. An additional 25% is due by the end of the fourth week of the term, and the remaining 25% is due by the end of the eighth week of the term.

Financial Aid

Gnomon offers private education loans to assist with tuition and limited living expenses. Interested students may contact the Financial Aid Office for more details.

*Gnomon reserves the right to increase tuition and/or fees.