Student Work at David Walz
Student Work at David Walz


Students studying animation at Gnomon are trained to capture believable and appealing performances in their characters and creatures through the application of fundamental animation concepts, software techniques, and acting skills. Coursework covers a variety of animation methods including traditional and computer, as well as technical character rigging. With a balance of foundational education and software-based technical training, Gnomon’s Character and Creature Animation curriculum offers students an in-depth skill set relevant to the demands of the industry.


Being introduced to Gnomon’s community of professional artists was just as important as the education I received. My connection to Gnomon has been a large factor in landing almost every industry job I’ve had.

Brooke Shay


Animation Supervisor
Dreamworks Animation

Course Grid

2-Year Curriculum

Note: This is a sample curriculum and is subject to change.

  • Term 1

    Introduction to 3D with Maya
    Photoshop for Digital Production
    Texturing and Shading 1
    Drawing Fundamentals 1
    Overview of Visual Effects and Games

  • Term 2

    Hard Surface Modeling 1
    Introduction to Compositing
    Texturing and Shading 2
    Animation and Visual Effects 1
    History and Principles of Animation
    Character Sculpture 1

  • Term 3

    Character Animation 1
    Timing for Animation
    Lighting and Rendering 1
    Animation and Visual Effects 2
    Character Design
    Anatomy for Artists

  • Term 4

    Character Animation 2
    Improvisational Acting
    Lighting and Rendering 2
    Art of Compositing
    Digital Photography
    Visual Structure

  • Term 5

    Character Animation 3
    Creature Animation 1
    Character Rigging Fundamentals
    HD Digital Filmmaking for Visual Effects
    Expressions and Scripting
    Animation for Games

  • Term 6

    Character Animation 4
    Creature Animation 2
    Character Rigging for Production
    Matchmoving and Integration
    Motion Capture
    Previsualization and Animatics

  • Term 7

    Demo Reel (6 Credits)
    Career Realities
    Story Development
    Reel Lab 1
    Reel Lab 2
    Reel Lab 3

  • Term 8

    Demo Reel (6 Credits)
    Portfolio and Resumé Workshop
    Acting for Animators
    Reel Lab 4
    Reel Lab 5
    Reel Lab 6

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