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Gnomon strives to place graduates into their dream jobs right out of school. Equipped with relevant training from industry professionals, graduates leave Gnomon well-versed in the demands of current production pipelines.

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Career Counseling

Gnomon’s Placement Office offers assistance to all program students and ensures that alumni are supported during their careers. Students at Gnomon benefit from career guidance and support that is highly personalized. Through one-on-one interaction, Placement Advisors work closely with students and offer advice on how to navigate specific career paths in the entertainment industry. The Placement and Career Services staff is also pleased to assist students taking courses to further their professional development if their work is at a sufficient level for production.

For the most current placement statistics or further information, please contact the Placement and Alumni Relations office.

Career ZoomCast

The Placement & Alumni Engagement Office directly connects rising graduates and recent alumni with its established network of major VFX industry-related employers through regularly scheduled Career ZoomCasts. These virtual events allow graduates to gain direct insight into current and upcoming opportunities at video game developers, film/television studios, and content creators.

Graduates communicate regularly with both the Gnomon Placement & Alumni Engagement Office and their fellow graduates through this open forum for career guidance, while also learning the best techniques for identifying relevant job opportunities, designing effective application materials, generating a marketable demo reel, and confidently interviewing with recruiters.

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