2023 Student Gallery Reception


Many students find a true sense of community at Gnomon. Through numerous opportunities for engagement, students become part of a diverse community of artists, forging friendships that extend well beyond their studies. From social activities, support services, student-led clubs and academic mentorship, Gnomon strives to create a campus environment that embodies inclusivity, encouragement, and student success.

Student Clubs

There are various on-campus, student-run clubs which provide an energetic community forum for collaboration, learning, and experience within specific disciplines. A staff or faculty liaison will help facilitate scheduling, speakers, and organization. Club activities include, but are not limited to: guest speakers, sketch events, career-specific lectures, and social gatherings. Students are welcome to join multiple clubs. Questions regarding student clubs may be directed to Student Affairs.

Student club gathering to play different games

Student Council

Student Council is an on-campus assembly of student leaders that act as a liaison between the student population and Gnomon’s administration. The Student Council at Gnomon is entirely voluntary, non-paid, and student-run. Student Council meets with their Staff Advisor once per term to discuss future event programming, ideas to improve the student body experience, and to collaborate on current and future projects. Student Council will meet with the general student population at least once per quarter during “Coffee with Council” to discuss upcoming initiatives and connect with students. Questions regarding student council may be directed to Student Affairs.

Student Council Members

Student Orientation

Prior to starting a full-time program at Gnomon, all accepted students must attend an orientation session. Orientation materials, including the Gnomon Student Catalog and disclosures, are distributed to students in advance. Materials are reviewed and questions are addressed in the orientation session. Orientation provides students with an overview of Gnomon’s policies, procedures, and the criteria for successful matriculation. At Orientation, students become acquainted with the campus, the staff, and their peers. Gnomon staff members explain different offices’ obligations, student assistance, and clarify students’ rights and responsibilities. The Gnomon Student Catalog is distributed during the Orientation.

New students at Student Orientation

Student Assembly

Gnomon holds an all-student assembly on the Stage when appropriate. Students are provided lunch while given the opportunity to converse with Education, staff and faculty, meet other students, discuss on- and off-campus activities, and receive any important updates relating to their programs.


Student Mixer

Gnomon hosts a quarterly Student Mixer, providing the opportunity for new students to socialize and network. Present at the event are key staff members from Education, Placement, Administration, among others. Student Club and Student Council representatives also join to offer advice, critique, and share experiences.

Students at Student Mixer

Campus Events

Gnomon’s green screen stage regularly hosts inspiring and educational events featuring some of the entertainment industry’s most talented artists. Whether it’s a making-of feature showcasing the latest VFX techniques of blockbuster films and triple-A games to paneled discussions with industry leaders and award winners, events are a valuable experience for students and professionals alike. Attended by students, alumni, industry artists, recruiters, producers, and enthusiasts, every event offers a chance to network, create new opportunities, and build relationships.

Neville Page Event