Forbes Ranks Gnomon as a Top U.S. College in 2023 Rankings

Forbes Ranks Gnomon as a Top U.S. College in 2023 Rankings

We are thrilled to share that Gnomon has secured a spot on the Forbes "America's Top Colleges" 2023 list! Forbes compiles an annual list of 500 colleges, taking into account factors like student success, return on investment, and alumni influence. 

In a country with over 4,000 institutions of higher learning, Gnomon not only earned a spot on the distinguished list but has done so with impressive distinction, ranking at #238! This accomplishment highlights Gnomon's exceptional graduation and placement rates and underscores our dedication to fostering academic success for students from diverse backgrounds.  

Forbes' recognition is particularly significant when looking at the broader context of the art school landscape. Only a handful of art colleges earned a spot on the esteemed list that names Gnomon as a top-ranked art school in the nation. Gnomon also shares this honor with Ivy League schools and colleges with centuries-long legacies including Princeton, Yale, and Columbia.  

"This achievement underscores Gnomon's position not only as a leader in digital arts education but as an institution on par with some of the most prestigious and longstanding names in higher education," Gnomon Founder and President Alex Alvarez shared. "As we celebrate this achievement, we extend immense gratitude to the industry we serve for supporting Gnomon's mission over the past 26 years. It is with great pride that we serve such a creative and inspiring field."

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