Gnomon Students Win Big at 2023 Rookie Awards

2023 Rookies

The Rookie Awards recently announced its finalists and winners, and we are excited to share that Gnomon students secured big wins and achieved strong showings in multiple categories!

Now in its 13th year, The Rookie Awards is the world’s leading contest for aspiring creatives in Games, Animation, Visual Effects, Immersive Media, Motion Graphics, and 3D Visualization.

Our students' artwork went head-to-head with fellow artists from all over the world. This year, the competition drew 5,517 entries from 521 schools in 106 countries in categories such as 3D Animation, Concept Art, Visual Effects, and Game Development.

Special shoutouts to Alena Mealy (Rookie of the Year Winner - 3D Animation) and Sasha Honcharova (Rookie of the Year Highly Commended - 3D Animation + Career Opportunities Winner - DNEG). We also had a record number of Career Opportunities finalists with 35 Gnomon students snagging studio spotlights!

"We know that when Gnomon students share their work, people take notice," Gnomon Director of Education Max Dayan said. "I am incredibly proud of all our students for submitting projects that are the result of an insane amount of practice, dedication, and vision."

Congratulations to all our finalists and winners! It's an honor to see Gnomon students garnering attention within and outside the classroom. Check out The Rookies page to view all of the amazing entries and see a complete list of Gnomon winners and finalists below.


Alena Mealy - 3D Animation


Kian Babayi - 3D Animation
Elizaveta Gaevaya - 3D Animation
Rain Rouhani - 3D Animation
Rain Rouhani - Concept Art
Bryan Soegondo - 3D Animation
Sasha Honcharova - 3D Animation
David Eisenstadt - 3D Animation
Jillian Ubando - Game Development
Nicholas Tung - Game Development
John Chung - Game Development
Sasha Honcharova - Game Development
Noelle Wong - Game Development
Natalie Villarreal - Visual Effects


Sasha Honcharova - 3D Animation


Sasha Honcharova - DNEG


Sasha Honcharova - Outpost VFX
Bavly Hanna - Outpost VFX
Daniel Lee - Outpost VFX
Sasha Honcharova - EA Sports
Abby Cruz - PlaySide Studios
Joyce (Jiao) Jiao - PlaySide Studios
Abby Cruz - ON Animation Studio
Alena Mealy - ON Animation Studio
Nicholas Tung - ON Animation Studio
Rain Rouhani - ON Animation Studio
Ethan Clark - ON Animation Studio
Sasha Honcharova - ON Animation Studio
Elizaveta Gaevaya - Ghost VFX | Copenhagen
Alena Mealy - That's No Moon
Nicholas Tung - That's No Moon
Sasha Honcharova - That's No Moon
Clayton Huber - That's No Moon
Noelle Wong - That's No Moon
Zora Fu - That's No Moon
Fiona Luebbers - That's No Moon
Bryan Blandine - That's No Moon
Ryan Donnahoe - That's No Moon
Elizaveta Gaevaya - DNEG
Rahul Gupta - DNEG
Kian Babayi - DNEG
Bavly Hannah - DNEG
Sasha Honcharova - DNEG
Alena Mealy - DNEG
Bryan Soegondo - DNEG
Daniel Lee - BeloFX
Bavly Hanna - INDG
Ryan Donnahoe - Blowfish Studios
Nicholas Tung - Blowfish Studios
Fiona Luebbers - Mighty Kingdom
Rain Rouhani - Mighty Kingdom

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