Spotlight: Gnomon’s Foundation In Art & Design

Foundation in Art & Design

Gnomon’s Foundation in Art & Design is currently accepting enrollments for our 2023 Winter Term, beginning January 9th, 2023.

If you’ve ever been curious about what this educational option is (and if we have an acronym for it), we’ve got you covered. FIAD provides individuals early in their journey the opportunity to develop their fundamental art skills within a supportive, well-structured environment.

Now, we’ve all been there: you’ve thought about going to school, but so many aspects of the process seem confusing and overwhelming. Am I really a good fit? What is it really going to be like? Is it really going to be worth it? Let us walk you through the registration process and give you a slice of life for FIAD students on our Hollywood campus.

FIAD is ideal for beginners who have completed high school and are looking to build an admissions portfolio. Maybe you didn’t have the opportunity to take many art classes in school or you’re not sure what particular track or career you want to explore. Maybe you took a gap year or have taken a couple of community college courses. If you’re passionate about becoming a better artist and looking for a like-minded community, FIAD may be a great fit for you.

“FIAD is for anyone who wants to improve their ability to create art. Whether that improvement is personal or to build a portfolio, FIAD provides a path to grow your skills and creative opportunities in a short time,” Gnomon Director of Education Max Dayan shared.

FIAD offers a discounted, curated selection of courses over the span of a year, and students may begin at any of our four-term starts: Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall. Each term, students will take four courses such as Drawing in 3D, Digital Painting, Creature Design, and Environment Design. While prior art experience is not necessary, students are expected to commit to a 40-hour week filled with classes, homework, and project critique. Because it's not a program, there's no commitment beyond the term you sign up for, which means you can choose to follow the FIAD path for as long as you want.

FIAD students have access to many of the resources that our full-time program students have, which can help tremendously when they are just beginning to learn new skills and tackle a lot of homework. FIAD students are able to become immersed in the campus culture, taking classes with inspiring people, learning from industry-pro instructors, and accessing a wide variety of resources such as the Academic Mentoring Center, student store, and school library.

“Learning or improving in any craft takes a lot of time and dedication, so stay positive and embrace the journey of self-improvement,” Dayan said.

On the whole, FIAD is a creative boot camp where you’ll be expected to put in the work every day. However, signing up for FIAD is extremely streamlined and low-lift! There is no portfolio required. You will simply fill out an application form (3 questions!), submit your high school transcript, and have a consultation call with an advisor. If you meet the basic requirements and the FIAD is a good fit, you could be registered in a matter of days!

FIAD serves as a pathway into our full-time BFA program, as well. In fact, many of our BFA students started their Gnomon journey with FIAD, and several of the FIAD courses may be eligible for transfer into our full-time programs. FIAD students also continue their education armed with strong foundational skills, relationships with friends and mentors, and a better understanding of industry expectations and artwork standards that are expected of an entertainment industry artist.

Gnomon prides itself on meeting artists where they are, and FIAD is a great example of an opportunity to support and strengthen students at the beginning of their journey. All it takes to start is a desire to grow and a willingness to start the conversation.

“All of our advisors are artists and are here to help put together a plan for you to take the next steps, so feel free to reach out,” Admissions Manager Adrienne Deveaux added!

FIAD allows beginning artists the opportunity to learn fundamental art skills, at a discounted rate, with no portfolio required for enrollment. Students learn on Gnomon’s campus for up to one year and can transfer completed course credits into our full-time programs, upon acceptance!

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