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Foundation in Art and Design courses are not vocational in nature, do not lead to a certificate/diploma, and are outside of institutional accreditation.

General Questions

Are these classes right for me?

The Foundation in Art & Design is a series of fundamental art education courses lasting up to a year, intended for students looking to become better artists, build a well-rounded portfolio, or lay the groundwork for further education in digital production or a related field. Whether this training is appropriate for you depends on your prior experience as well as your personal development goals. We recommend speaking with an Admissions Advisor to determine if this is the right path for you.

Can I take fewer than four Foundation in Art & Design courses in a term?

Students are welcome to sign up for individual courses outside of the Foundation studies if they are looking to start with one course or take fewer than four classes each term. We recommend speaking with an Admissions Advisor for recommendations based on your goals.

What are the enrollment requirements?

Students looking to enroll individual courses within the Foundation studies must have a High School diploma or equivalent. Gnomon’s classes are intended for students 18 years of age or above. Individuals who are 17 may be considered for the Foundation in Art & Design as long as they turn 18 years of age within 90 days of the start of their course and present a GPA of 3.0 or above on High School transcripts. Please visit the How to Enroll section for more information.

I don’t have a portfolio. Can I still enroll?

Yes— you do not need a portfolio. However, we recommend speaking with an Admissions advisor to ensure the courses will be appropriate for you based on your skill level and goals.

Do I need to be apply and be accepted?

Students who meet the enrollment requirements may enroll in the Foundation—there is no formal process of admission. Please visit the How to Enroll section for more information.

When can I start?

You may start the Foundation at the beginning of any of our four quarterly terms: Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall. For more information, please see the Academic Calendar.

What does the daily/weekly schedule look like?

Students take 4 classes at a time. Each class meets once per week for 10 consecutive weeks. The days and times of the classes vary each quarter, and are non-negotiable.

Do I receive grades for the classes? Will I be required to do homework?

Yes—the Foundation is made up of College-level classes. These courses include classwork, homework, and grades.

Is there a GPA requirement to continue enrolling in the Foundation courses?

Yes, students must meet a minimum requirement of a 2.0 quarterly grade point average (GPA) in order to be enrolled in a future quarter of Foundation courses.

What if I don’t meet the required 2.0 GPA?

Students who do not meet the minimum GPA standard will not be allowed to enroll in future Foundation in Art & Design terms. However, students are welcome to enroll in individual, standalone courses outside of the Foundation in Art & Design.

What is the class capacity for courses in the Foundation?

Gnomon caps classroom size at 18 students for all courses.

Do I get a diploma?

No. Individual courses within the Foundation are intended for artistic development and do not provide a diploma or certificate.

Do I have to take all four quarters?

While the Foundation is designed to be taken in four consecutive quarters, the sections are modular and can be taken individually. You can speak with an Admissions Advisor for more information regarding attending a single term of the Foundation.

Will I be industry-ready when I finish the Foundation? Can I get a job?

The Foundation is intended for foundational artistic growth and is not intended to produce production-ready artists.

Will credits transfer from the Foundation to Gnomon’s full-time programs?

Yes. Specific courses taken within this course of study are transferrable to Gnomon’s BFA Degree and Certificate programs. For more information, contact

Is financial aid available?

Since the Foundation in Art & Design is comprised of individual courses and is not a program, Federal Student Aid is not available. However, private education loans are available and can cover tuition and estimated living expenses. Interested students may contact the Financial Aid Office for more details.

Are scholarships available?

Scholarships are not currently available for the Foundation.