High School Summer Camp


Class time is filled with hands-on demonstrations, continuous practice, feedback from industry professionals, and visits from award-winning artists. Every day different visual effects artists visit Gnomon in an open forum discussion and provide examples of their work, demonstrate their techniques, share anecdotes about working in the field and explain how they achieved their success.

Summer Camp Courses

3D Computer Graphics

Computer graphics, 3D animation, and visual effects, commonly known as CGI, have dazzled audiences for decades and have become an integral part of the entertainment industry.

In this course, students will dive into the world of 3D visual effects through a hands-on introduction to the industry standard software Autodesk Maya. Lectures will cover topics including 3D modeling, texturing, lighting, animating with dynamics, and rendering. When the course is completed, students will have newly-gained insight into the fundamentals of visual effects, along with a personal project.

3D Character Animation

For over a hundred years, artists have brought characters to life by creating realistic and believable performances using the art and technology of animation.

This course introduces students to 3D character animation using Autodesk Maya. The twelve principles of animation will be used to help students animate their characters while gaining exposure to concepts such as planning a scene, keyframing, and making strong acting choices. Students will learn core animation skills, culminating in a personal project.

Student Artwork by Sean Gardner

3D Digital Sculpting

The past ten years have been revolutionary for how the entertainment industry creates digital characters, creatures, and props.

Using Pixologic’s ZBrush, an amazing tool for digital sculpture used on such films and television shows as Thor: Ragnarok, Stranger Things, and Game of Thrones, students learn to create professional-caliber digital sculptures that reflect an understanding of anatomy, design, and the natural world. When the course is completed, students will have a finished image and design of a creature for their portfolios.

Student Artwork by Rico Suyang Wang

3D Worldbuilding for Games

Through the immersive experience of exploring new worlds, games provide audiences with some of the most awe-inspiring forms of entertainment today.

This course introduces students to the essential tools and techniques needed to create a 3D game world. Using the Unreal Engine, an industry-standard game engine used in many blockbuster games including Fortnite, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Stray, students will construct a 3D game environment, add effects, lighting, and create basic gameplay elements. By the end of the course, students will have created their own playable game experience.

Student Artwork by Kris Yu

Character & Creature Design

How do designers come up with amazing characters and creatures like the ones found in Stranger Things, League of Legends, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

This course teaches the process of creating dynamic characters and creatures, utilizing illustration techniques in Photoshop to create believable and appealing designs. Students will use Photoshop to develop their designs, going through the stages of research, concept, and critique before designing a well-developed character or creature.

Tout Character

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