High School Summer Camp


Find answers to the most common questions below. Can’t find the answers you’re looking for? Reach out to an Admissions Advisor for quick assistance.

General Questions

General Questions

I've taken a lot of art classes. What can your classes offer me?

Gnomon specializes in computer graphics education and employs top-tier industry professionals. High School Summer Camp courses are specifically designed to introduce students to the software, hardware, and techniques used in film and game production.

Is there homework?

No, there is no assigned homework.

Do I receive a grade?

No. Classes are not for credit and not graded.

Are these classes for credit?

No. These classes are designed for artistic development and are not credit-based.

How many students are allowed in a class?

Classes are capped at 18 students.

Is parking available?

Yes. Parking is available in the lot and structure at the corner of Cahuenga and Romaine, one block South of Gnomon’s campus. For parking validation, please see the Gnomon Front Desk. Short-term street parking is also available for convenient drop-off and pick-up.

Will food be provided?

Gnomon will provide free lunch each day of camp, as well as water and snacks periodically throughout the day. The lunch options provided will include a meat and vegetarian option each day.

What if I have a specific food allergy?

If the camper has specific allergies, they are encouraged to bring their own snacks and lunch. Gnomon will provide access to a refrigerator for daily storage.

If I decide to bring my own lunch, can I receive a discount on tuition?

The optional provided lunch is free and not included in the cost of tuition. We do not offer discounted tuition to students who decide to forego the provided lunch.

What is the total cost of attending the camp?

The total cost for one week is $849.00 which includes daily lunch.

Will I need to purchase supplies?

Students enrolled are not required to bring materials, however, students may want an easy way to store their digital artwork files at the conclusion of the camp. We recommend an 8GB USB drive or a cloud service subscription to easily transport and save files.

What is your refund policy for the High School Summer Camp?

Drop requests received before the first day of Summer Camp will be given a 100% refund. Drop requests received before the second day of Summer Camp will be given an 80% refund. No refunds will be given after the second day of Summer Camp.

Please email your drop/refund requests to Registrar. Tuition refunds are based on the date your written drop request is received via email. Refunds will not be honored without a written request.

Refunds will be made within 45 days of the date of cancellation. Requests will be processed during regular business hours: Monday through Friday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm.

Where can I find more information regarding drop-off and pick-up, parking, and other logistics?

This information, along with detailed policies, emergency protocols, and staff contacts will be sent to enrolled students prior to the week of Summer Camp.

For additional questions, please feel free to contact our Admissions Office at 323.466.6663 or by email.

Can I tour the school prior to attending the camp?

Yes. Gnomon provides campus tours and one-on-one consultations. Please contact Admissions or call us at 323.466.6663 to schedule a tour.

Where are you located?

Gnomon is located in the historic Echelon lot in Hollywood, CA.

1015 North Cahuenga Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90038

Eligibility & Requirements

Eligibility & Requirements

Does Gnomon require High School Summer Camp students to get the COVID-19 vaccination?

While vaccinations and up-to-date booster vaccinations are recommended, they are not required at this time.

For more information on current health and safety protocols related to COVID-19, please visit our COVID-19 Information Page.

What are the admissions requirements?

To be considered for the Summer Camp, Gnomon requires all applicants to submit 2 – 3 samples of artwork. We also require that applicants answer the questions on the application form, provide one teacher/coach/mentor recommendation, and complete an interview with an Admissions Representative. The purpose of this interview is for Gnomon to gauge a student’s personal interest in the arts, as well as their readiness for the rigors of the camp curriculum. If accepted, the Admissions team will provide a confirmation email, instructions on payment, and information regarding the next steps.

All application forms and materials must be submitted no later than June 18th, 2023.

What are the age requirements?

Gnomon's High School Summer Camp is open to all students currently enrolled in High School or entering High School in the Fall who will be at least 14 years of age by the first day of camp.

I've already graduated. Can I enroll?

You may enroll if you are 18 and recently graduated, however, Gnomon provides multiple courses and program options for post-high school students that may be more appropriate. Please contact Admissions for further information and guidance.

I don’t have much experience with digital arts. Will the classes be difficult?

Gnomon's High School classes were developed for beginners having little to no experience with 3D software applications. While the summer camp experience was designed to be fun, students should be prepared for up to six (6) hours of in-class instruction per day. For this reason, only applicants who demonstrate an interest in digital arts are selected for the camp.

I'm not sure which class is right for me. Who do I contact?

All questions can be directed to the Admissions Office. To schedule a one-on-one consultation or a campus tour, please contact us at admissions@gnomon.edu or 323.466.6663. Our admissions representatives are happy to help guide you.

Do you need to see my high school grades?

No. Your past high school grades are not considered at Gnomon. We place more value on your desire to learn and to create.

Do I need my parent's permission to attend the summer camp?

Yes, if you are under the age of 18, you must have your parent or guardian's signature on the Medical and Personal Likeness Release form.

I am home-schooled or enrolled in alternative education. Am I eligible to attend?

Yes, as long as you are enrolled in high school or a high school equivalent program.



How can I apply?

Visit our How To Apply page for specific enrollment information.

What type of artwork should I submit?

We accept artwork from one or more of the following mediums: pencil drawing, painting, sculpture, digital painting, graphic design, motion graphics, 3D art, or animation. The artwork must be 100% original.

How do I choose the course(s) I want?

The Application Form allows students to rank their desired courses by order of preference. If you are selected, we will make our best effort to place you in a class based on your preference. Students will be informed of their class enrollment at the time payment is collected.

I've submitted my Enrollment Form. How do if I know if I’ve been selected?

Please allow up to 10 business days for us to process your enrollment form. Due to limited seating and high demand, spaces cannot be guaranteed.

How do I pay for the Summer Camp?

Students who are selected for the camp will be contacted for payment within 10 business days.

Do you offer scholarships or grants?

We do not offer scholarships or grants for the High School Summer Camp at this time.