Students Drawing


Becoming a student at Gnomon is a unique process that includes mentorship, support, and guidance that is highly personalized. This section outlines how you can begin your journey even before you’re ready to apply.

1-on-1 Consultation

The First Step is Easy

Even if you have only a general idea of what you’re interested in, speaking with an Admissions Advisor is an easy and casual way to ask questions and get more information. Advisors are trained artists who take their time to answer your questions and connect you to valuable resources that can help you gain confidence in your path forward.

First Step

Share Your Artwork…Even if it’s Not Ready

Many of Gnomon’s most successful graduates began a conversation with us before they had a portfolio of artwork. Showing partial or unfinished artwork allows us to provide valuable feedback to set you on the right path and increase your odds of acceptance.


Let Us Mentor You

Did we mention our Advisors are artists? Set up weekly check-ins with your advisor to receive and implement ongoing feedback on your artwork. Once you’re ready to submit an application and portfolio, your advisor will give you the thumbs up to apply and instructions on how to proceed.


Knowing Gnomon's reputation, the idea of applying was definitely intimidating — I thought they would turn me down the moment they saw my work. But in fact, they were super supportive and helped me build a portfolio good enough to be accepted.


Troy Firme

BFA Graduate
Summer, 2020

Student Work by Crystal Xie - Concept Raul Urias

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